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Should A Vegetarian Bride Serve Meat At Her Wedding?


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Are you one of the 3.5 million people in the UK who now identify as vegan? Have you adopted a plant-based lifestyle and want to have a vegetarian wedding?

Whether you choose to stay true to your beliefs and values and stay strictly green or want to cater for the meat eaters among your friends and family, catering your wedding with food trucks could be the savvy way to satisfy everyone.

To meat or not to meat?

Whether you’re new to a plant-based diet or you’re a lifelong vegan, one of the hardest decisions for a veggie bride is whether to allow meat or not. After all, this is your special day so shouldn’t Uncle Bob be able to do without a bacon butty for 24 hours? Besides, there are so many truly delicious vegetarian and vegan alternatives out there that will satisfy any appetite.

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The problem is that no one wants to plan a wedding where the guests complain about not enjoying the food. And if that means providing meat for the carnivores should you bite the bullet and serve it up? See the website for all different food units, but one solution might be stone baked pizza van hire which offers plenty of delicious vegetarian options. After all, true Italian pizza is simply marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese and it’s no less delicious for that.

A feast for all

If you have made the decision to go vegan and live a meat and cheese free life, how do you create a feast that embraces everyone? Don’t think of your menu as preaching to the unconverted – instead, look at it as an opportunity to show friends and family how delicious a vegan diet can be.

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A good place to start is the foods of Asia which are often naturally vegetarian and vegan yet offer familiar flavours that everyone loves – so much that they won’t miss the meat. After all who can resist a bowl of piping hot noodles fresh from the wok? We have various food units including a noodle bar and worldwide street food food truck that will satisfy all your guests from gluten free grannies to flexitarian fish eaters while enjoying the plant-based cuisine you love.