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You Can Make A Guilt-free Decision To Serve Spicy Food At Your Wedding


You Can Make A Guilt-free Decision To Serve Spicy Food At Your Wedding - Blog TitleYou can make a guilt-free decision to serve spicy food at your wedding

The average wedding now costs over £30,000, according to BrideBook. More so, according to Hitched. the food is now costing couples £3,887 on average. While you can avoid such an eye-watering bill, it’s important that you give some thought to what cuisine you’ll serve on your big day and who it will benefit.

It’s fair to say there’s an assumption that spicy food isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You shouldn’t, however, allow this to stop you from serving it at your wedding. The likes of burritos and curries could go down a storm with the vast majority of your guests – not to mention make your big day stand out from the rest! If you’re unsure about whether or not to provide food that’s got a bit of a kick, let’s look at three guilt-free reasons why you shouldn’t be deterred from serving spicy food at your upcoming wedding.


Spicy food can actually ensure that your guests are comfortable on your wedding day because it will help them to regulate their body temperature. This isn’t just true in the winter, but also in the summer.

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Spicy food causes people to sweat, which will remove excess heat from the body when the weather is hot. This is why countries with warmer climates, such as Mexico and India, have long embraced spicy foods.


Spicy food actually has a number of health benefits. Many of these are long-term (such as that it can increase weight loss), but if you’re looking for a wedding day boost then you should know that it has the ability to clear people’s sinuses when they’re battling with a blocked nose. As well as making them breathe easier, this will also help them to feel in better shape to dance and mingle throughout your special day.


Happiness is infectious! What does this mean exactly? Well, as long as you’re on cloud nine then it’s likely that others around you will also be overcome with the same positivity. Of course, the only way to guarantee that you’re happy with the catering option is to choose a cuisine that you enjoy.

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Therefore, if you’re partial to spicy food then let this be all the motivation you need to serve it on your big day.

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KK Catering offer burrito van hire and little India food truck hire, so we can supply you with all the spicy food that you fancy for your big day. If these cuisines take your fancy then don’t wait to get in touch.