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How Much Does A Mobile Pizza Van Cost?


Pizzas have never been a more popular food choice than they are now. The versatility of Pizza’s make it a great quick meal that will compliment any event, from a company event, birthday party or as a wedding buffet alternative. So although the question how much does a mobile pizza van cost is a difficult question to answer, there are various factors to take into account when it comes to arriving at a price to serve your guests

Below are some of the main factors to consider to help you answer the question how much does a mobile pizza van cost, as a rough guide, expect to pay between £6 and £20 per person and here is why it is so varied

Some Serious Quality Dough

three pepperoni pizzas in pizza boxes on a kk catering van counter

The number one factor in your quote for a pizza van or oven at your event is the quality of the pizza base you are looking for. Some mobile caterers will quote you for frozen or fresh original dough pizza bases and some will use an authentic artisan base.

Here at KK Catering, we use a 11-inch pizza base made with extra virgin olive oil and stone baked for that authentic Italian taste.

Estimate How Many Guests Are Coming

ladies collecting their pizzas from the kk catering pizza van

Another major factor in the cost of hiring a pizza van will be the amount of guests you are expecting.

If you are looking to calculate costs on a price per person basis then the more guests you have attending the lower the price per person will be.

All caterers have overheads just to attend your event such as unit hire, travel, gas for cooking, staff etc so if your numbers are low then the price per head could work out expensive.

Here at KK catering we find that once you have guests of above 50 – 60 then the price becomes within the range of what you would expect to pay for Pizzas from a takeaway or restaurant.

Time Is Of The Essence

pizza van guest collecting a pizza

It is also crucial to consider how long you will be hiring the van for, as all staff will be paid an hourly rate. If you are looking for late night service any pizza caterer might need to pay for a hotel for their staff if the event is away from their location so check with any caterers if there are any hidden costs for late night service.

Here at KK catering we do not charge any additional costs for late night service.

The day of week you are considering hiring a pizza van for your wedding, event or party will also determine the costs you will be quoted, premium days like Friday and Saturday evenings will attract a higher price than for example a Monday lunch time, if you can pick and choose the day you wish to hire a pizza van consider this before asking for a quote.

Top It All Off

Finally, when considering how much does a pizza van cost the final important factor to consider is what toppings you would like on your Pizza’s, the more toppings / gourmet you are looking for the additional charge a pizza caterer will charge you. Keep the toppings simple like pepperoni, Hawaiian and margarita to keep the costs down.