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Wondering How Much A Kebab Van Cost?


How much does a Kebab van cost?

Did you know that a whopping 1.3 million kebabs are consumed by Britons every single day of the week? It’s safe to say that this familiar combination of meat, pitta bread and salad is a firm favourite all across the UK – and it doesn’t just have to be post-pub grub after one pint too many, either!

Across the country, there are hundreds of mobile caterers serving up high-quality gourmet kebabs to eager punters at all times of the day, and in all sorts of scenarios. From the busy office worker grabbing some street food on a lunchtime stroll to the hardened festival goer lining their stomach before going hard at it again, kebabs are versatile, affordable, convenient and above all, tasty.

Kebab Van Hire

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While street parties and outdoor music events might seem like the typical places to find a mobile kebab van, many people often overlook the idea for private parties and function, when in fact, a kebab van can make a unique, interesting and affordable catering option for weddings, birthday parties, corporate meetings and much more. The possibilities are endless and it’s certainly something to get your friends, guests, colleagues and employees talking about!

Will a Kebab van cost a fortune?

Certainly not! One of the reasons why the UK loves kebabs is because they are so affordable. In comparison to arranging for caterers to provide a sit-down meal, the humble kebab van works out a much more affordable way to feed your guests. If you’ve got a large number of guests, it can work out even cheaper – by any stretch of the imagination, feeding your party for less than £5 a head is a bargain.

kebab van more affordable than a sit down meal

Put simply, you can expect kebab van hire to set you back anywhere between £3.50 and £10.00 per person, depending on how many guests you have. The reason why the price can vary so much is that mobile caterers have initial costs to cover before food preparation is considered – things like staffing, insurance, licensing and so on. The boring stuff.

When it comes to feeding your party though, it’s simple mathematics – more guests equals cheaper food.

How quickly can a kebab van feed my hungry guests?

Picture the scene – it’s a wedding and all the speeches have been made – or a corporate event and the backslapping for the day has finished – and now all everybody wants is some good, wholesome grub. The good news is that a mobile kebab van can cater for over 100 guests in around 60 minutes – without breaking the bank.

Interested? You should be!

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So how much does a kebab van cost? Depending on the factors above expect to pay between £4.50 and £20 per head.

If a kebab van for your private event sounds right up your street, KK Catering might just have the deal for you. Why not get a quote now and turn your function into a day to remember? Go on – you know it makes sense!