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National burger day is coming, celebrate in style!


KK Catering | National Burger Day

Do you hear that? It’s the almost unmistakeable sound of stomachs across the country starting to rumble in anticipation of the most magical of days – National Burger Day!

Celebrated on the last Thursday before the August Bank Holiday, , National Burger Day is the appreciation of all the finest patties placed between two buns.

To celebrate yourself, why not book one of our gourmet burger vans?

 The Versatile Burger, A Winner For Any Occasion

KKCatering | Burger Van

The bountiful joy of this simple food is that it’s truly at home in any setting you care to serve it up. Whether it’s at a formal event such as a wedding, or a rowdy party with your closest friends and family, everyone is always glad to see a good burger.

We cater to any event you care to mention, from weddings to private functions, and even corporate days out. So whatever you’re doing there’s only one way to guarantee the day is as memorable as possible and that’s to enjoy it with a good slider.

National Burger Day is a day when you can safely abandon any thought or worry about that diet, it’s a day where you’re truly allowed to enjoy a burger the way it’s meant to be; in all its decadent and mouth-watering glory.

Everyone Is Catered For

You could be forgiven for immediately bringing to mind a series of greasy meaty patties smothered with cheese, sauce, bacon, and other delicious accoutrements. And if that’s what you want, there’s nothing better!

KKCatering | Burger Van

But those who don’t eat meat are not excluded from the joys of National Burger Day. Our splendid chefs take great pride in offering up a variety of vegetarian, and vegan on request, options that might just even make the meat eaters jealous.

This special day comes around but once a year, and it’s a time to come together and enjoy the magnificent might of all things burger, what better way could there be to celebrate than to hire one of our food vans.

With our easy catering options you can make the day one you, your family, and friends will remember