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Update 24th March: If your event is due to take place after 1st June 2020 please hold off on making any decisions until 1st May.

To our valued customers,

As Coronavirus/COVID-19 continues to spread throughout, many are concerned about their health and that of their loved ones. All of us here at KK Catering share that concern and want to assure you we are taking every step we can to safeguard our employees and customers, their families and the communities we serve. We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable catering experience to you and we are strictly adhering to the recommended policies and procedures of the government and local health officials to ensure that commitment is fulfilled.

With this in mind rest assured your deposit and balance is secure and should you need to postpone/cancel your event then any monies paid will be transferred to a future booking at any time within 2 years. We simply ask that you provide us with a minimum of 48 hours notice should you decide to cancel/postpone.

No cash refunds can be honoured at this time, all payments will be honoured on a future event within 2 years, this is to protect our company and our employees.
Should you need to claim on wedding/event insurance we will be happy to help you in completing the required paperwork.

Here at KK Catering it is our passion and drive to ensure that your event catering is a success and that remains the case now during these testing times.

For any corporate events introducing social distancing we have a menu where we will turn up in our street food unit, cook and package the food, place it in the large warmers and allow your staff to collect the food from the warming oven situated inside your reception (safe temperature)

Basically a vending machine filled with hot freshly cooked meals

Social Distancing menu for company events

Thank you for your appreciation and your custom

Kevin Anderton
MD KK Catering

Brexit Day Office Catering

After what feels like a lifetime of waiting, things are finally moving. Yep, it’s confirmed: the UK will be leaving the European Union on the 31st of January 2020. Whether you see that as a cause for celebration or despair, nobody can deny the historical magnitude of Brexit.

The 31st of January and 1st of February 2020 are going to be two of the most important days in the history of this country. That’s why we want to help your company create an event to mark the occasion. We can help you get your Brexit Day catering sorted in time for the big day!

Organising your Brexit Day event

Unless everyone in the office is on exactly the same page, it’s a good idea to make a pact to leave politics at the door. We’ve all had enough arguing by now, and ultimately we’re all in the same boat. You might want to decorate the office with European flags, particularly if you’re going for a European menu. Why not mix it up by serving some continental dishes alongside British favourites, so everyone can choose what they prefer?

For an unforgettable event, make it a two-day affair. You could serve European dishes on the 31st, then have British food available on the 1st, to mark the difference between membership of the EU and separation.

Brexit Day catering menu suggestions

If you book catering for the 31st Jan and the 1st Feb, we’ll give you £100 off the total package price.

European menus

Waffle Hut hire - 3 tips for pregnant brides

How will you mark the occasion? Saying goodbye to the EU is a big deal – so why not enjoy some of the finest European food while you still have the chance? Here are some tempting dishes that will remind everyone of the good things about Europe:

* German Bavarian BBQ offering German sausages, sauerkraut, potato & bacon hot salad
* French Creperie with a delicious selection of French sweet and savoury crepes
* Italian Pizza Menu with traditional pizza toppings
* Greek Souvlaki Street food menu with Greek wraps, salads, and baklava
* Belgium Waffle Hut with tasty toppings including Nutella and banana, strawberries and more

British menus

fish chips and mushy peas

Of course, you might want to celebrate the Best of British as the country enters its new era of going it alone. Europeans may look down their noses at our traditional fare, but try these tasty treats from KK Catering and you’ll see that British doesn’t have to mean bland:

* Great British Fish and Chip Menu – Nothing says Great Britain like fish and chips
* Pie and Mash freshly baked Pies served with creamy mash and mushy peas
* The Roast – Our carvery bar menu alternative to a hog roast
* Sticky Toffee Pudding and custard for dessert

Whatever you choose, make it a Brexit Day to remember with KK Catering.

You can see all our food units and menus online at

Blog Title Image - Wedding Food Ideas Your Bridal Party Will Love

Three reasons to tailor your wedding food for your bridal party.
You and your betrothed should be at the heart of every decision you make for your wedding. Your bridal party, of course, should also be considered. After all, this group of friends and family will surely be a big component of your special day – and due to this, their needs should surely be taken into account. How can you do this? Well, it’s as easy as ensuring that there is tasty, quick and accessible food available for them. Let’s look at just three ways that this will mean a lot to your bridal party. 

Bridal Party Reward

A 2017 survey carried out by Simply Be found that 78% of bridesmaids don’t like the dresses chosen for them. Despite this, over 80% of those women unhappy with the gowns still wore them.

Wedding Food for Your Bridal Party

This is the kind of thing you’ll want to reward on your wedding day, perhaps by making sure your bridal party are at least pleased with the food you pick out for them. While the bridesmaids might not like the dresses, you’ve got to believe they’ll love the likes of burger van hire.


Your bridal party should have access to great comfort on your big day. After all, they’ll often be following your lead and doing everything to make you happy. Due to this, it’s unlikely they’ll want to find themselves stuck at a table faced with a sit-down meal. Instead, they’re much more likely to enjoy fish and chip van hire since the grub can be eaten stood up and at their leisure.

Wedding Food Energy

A hearty meal surely won’t go amiss to a bridal party who’ve gone above and beyond to attend to your every whim – including those posing for pictures and doing speeches. After all, this can all be very tiring.

Wedding Food for Your Bridal Party

You can provide some much-needed sustenance for them by serving up the delights from pie and mash van hire, which they can then eat easily between duties.

Explore your options

You’ve got so many choices to hand when your wedding catering is handled by KK Catering. There are so many options that you, your bridal party and your guests will surely love – so be sure to get in touch to find out what’s on offer.




You’ll still have plenty of decisions to make once you’ve locked down your perfect wedding venue. In particular, you’ll have to decide whether to opt for in-house food or choose another catering option. It’s at this point when you should give some serious consideration to having food trucks on your big day.

These days more and more couples are going down this route – and it’s time you realised why. Let’s look at three reasons why you should have your wedding with food trucks instead of your venue’s catering.


Quite frankly, it’s unlikely that your wedding venue will be able to provide you with the broad range of options you’d have from food trucks. You can serve burgers, pie and mash, fish and chips, hog roasts, kebabs and many more.

bride groom eating fish and chips at their wedding with kk catering

Meanwhile, the in-house catering team will likely have the same set menu options that are available for every bride and groom that walk through the door.


Weddings are expensive enough without spending a fortune on the food. Unfortunately, you’ll find that you’re at your venue’s mercy if it comes to going with their in-house catering option. All of a sudden you could find that you’re hitting eye-watering costs – which shouldn’t come as a surprise when you consider that the average wedding now comes in at over £30,000.


You should always rely on the separation of powers. Essentially, this means that you’re dividing up responsibilities in case the wedding venue falls short at any point.

Outdoor wedding self serve buffet stand

It will surely cushion the blow to know that the food is in safe hands and will live up to your high expectations even if your wedding venue ends up dropping the ball. This will be added peace of mind on the run up to your big day.

Be sure to book!

KK Catering offers a wide range of affordable food options for your big day – with everything from burger van hire to noodle bars. Our food trucks will make a great addition to your big day and can be set up at your chosen wedding venue. For more information, get in touch.

Your wedding is the most special day of your life – and as a result, you’ll no doubt want to spend it with all your family and friends. This can however, mean that you’re faced with an enormous guest list. Don’t worry, there’s no need to panic if your numbers are creeping above 200 attendees because it’s perfectly possible to cater for such a huge crowd. Let’s look at three things you’ll need to consider if you’re to pull it off successfully.


The average wedding now costs over £32,000, according to Hitched. Unfortunately, this is when the typical guest list is just 105 people. Meaning you could be looking at paying more if you have over 200 guests.

Bride holding a plate with burger and fries

Luckily, you can keep costs down by spending your money wisely. How? Well, one way would be by serving food that’s scrumptious yet affordable. A burger van would surely fit the bill.


It’s actually rather easy to feed 200 mouths. It’s not however, so simple to seat everyone. Not only will tables and chairs cost money, but you’ll also need a venue that’s big enough to fit so much furniture. Thankfully you can reduce the need for so many tables and chairs if you opt against a sit-down meal. For instance, the meals served from fish and chip van hire can be enjoyed stood up.


With every name you add onto the guest list it becomes harder to please each and every person. Therefore, it’s wise to choose a catering option that you know will satisfy the majority – not to mention you and your betrothed!

couple holding fish and chips next to catering van

The classics are usually your safest bet, with pie and mash van hire being one option that certainly deserves some thought. It’s an old favourite that’s stood the test of time – why wouldn’t people love it at your wedding?

It’s time to get planning!

You’ll have no problem catering for over 200 guests if you enlist the services of KK Catering. Our mouth-watering food is perfect to be served up at large gatherings of any kind, so be sure to check out what options are available for your wedding.