Have Your Wedding With Food Trucks Instead Of Your Venue’s Catering
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Have Your Wedding With Food Trucks Instead Of Your Venue’s Catering


You’ll still have plenty of decisions to make once you’ve locked down your perfect wedding venue. In particular, you’ll have to decide whether to opt for in-house food or choose another catering option. It’s at this point when you should give some serious consideration to having food trucks on your big day.

These days more and more couples are going down this route – and it’s time you realised why. Let’s look at three reasons why you should have your wedding with food trucks instead of your venue’s catering.


Quite frankly, it’s unlikely that your wedding venue will be able to provide you with the broad range of options you’d have from food trucks. You can serve burgers, pie and mash, fish and chips, hog roasts, kebabs and many more.

bride groom eating fish and chips at their wedding with kk catering

Meanwhile, the in-house catering team will likely have the same set menu options that are available for every bride and groom that walk through the door.


Weddings are expensive enough without spending a fortune on the food. Unfortunately, you’ll find that you’re at your venue’s mercy if it comes to going with their in-house catering option. All of a sudden you could find that you’re hitting eye-watering costs – which shouldn’t come as a surprise when you consider that the average wedding now comes in at over £30,000.


You should always rely on the separation of powers. Essentially, this means that you’re dividing up responsibilities in case the wedding venue falls short at any point.

Outdoor wedding self serve buffet stand

It will surely cushion the blow to know that the food is in safe hands and will live up to your high expectations even if your wedding venue ends up dropping the ball. This will be added peace of mind on the run up to your big day.

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KK Catering offers a wide range of affordable food options for your big day – with everything from burger van hire to noodle bars. Our food trucks will make a great addition to your big day and can be set up at your chosen wedding venue. For more information, get in touch.