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3 reasons to celebrate World Oceans Day


world oceans day

3 reasons why you should be celebrating World Oceans Day (and how you can do it)

Dive right into World Oceans Day every 8th of June. World Oceans Day has been going since 1992 and was established to raise awareness to protect and keep the oceans of our big, blue planet healthy.

World Oceans Day aims to bring families, friends and strangers together to shift their perspective on the current state of the ocean and help to improve it for future generations to come. Here are three reasons why we should celebrate it and how we can.


817 animal species are affected by ocean pollution around the world. The cause of this pollution is from a number of factors but the most common are littering, sewage, oil mining and toxic chemicals. According to a study conducted by the University of Georgia, 18 billion pounds of littered plastic ends up in the oceans every year.

To celebrate this, how about recycling your plastics and glass? This will ensure they don’t get dumped into the ocean. If you really want to push the boat out (pun intended), how about getting a group of friends together and organising a beach or river clean up?

Exploring the Big Blue

The ocean is vast in size and comprises 2/3 of our entire planet. Around 95% of this still remains unexplored. Celebrating World Oceans Day recognises that the ocean is big and beautiful and there’s so much more magic that it has to share with us.

To celebrate the vastness of the sea, why don’t you throw yourself in the deep end? Literally. Get some family members or friends together and go for a swim.

Seafood party

Up to 3000 billion fish are caught from the wild every year. The ocean helps sustain the fish’s lives and that creates food for us to eat.

Celebrate in style by inviting all of your friends and family to your World Oceans Day themed party to honour keeping our oceans cleaner, safer and our futures looking brighter. Cool off with cod and chips and a cold beer with a Fish & Chips Van Hire for everyone to enjoy.