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Why Breakfast Is Important For Guests At Your Wedding


Why Breakfast Is Important For Guests At Your WeddingBreakfast is the most important meal of the day – even at your wedding

The post-ceremony meal is something many couples put a lot of emphasis on getting right ahead of getting married. The same, however, can’t always be said for the food served prior to the nuptials. This means that guests are often left to fend for themselves, despite the fact that they’re expected to arrive early. In fact, Wed2B has found that 92% of couples get married from as early as 12pm onwards. Let’s look at why this only increases the need for brides and grooms to consider breakfast bar hire for the morning of their wedding.


You’ll be expecting your guests to cram a lot into their morning routine if you want them at your wedding venue for early doors. This might mean that some feel the need to miss breakfast. Why does this matter?

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Well, because it means people might start to lack energy and become fatigued during your special day. This could put a damper on the festivities. So be sure to supply breakfast if you think it might be needed.


The food can act as an activity to distract guests while you get ready. Ultimately, breakfast bar hire can ensure that your guests are comfortable and being well looked after even when you’re occupied with pressing matters such as getting changed and rehearsing your vows. This should hopefully mean that you can relax while you’re prepping for your special moment.


If you’re worried about people cutting it fine for arriving for your big day then you can lure them to the venue early with the promise of breakfast.

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The tasty grub will be something that they’ll all look forward to tucking into, so you can bet people will be there in plenty of time rather than showing up just before – or after – the actual ceremony has got underway.

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Thankfully, arranging for breakfast bar hire isn’t something that has to take up too much of your precious time ahead of your wedding. Instead, you can sort it simply through KK Catering. For more information on our affordable catering options, get in touch.