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Evening Guests At Your Wedding Need Feeding Too – Here’s Why


Evening Guests At Your Wedding Need Feeding Too - Here’s WhyThe evening guests at your wedding need feeding too – here’s why

It’s now becoming acceptable to separate your guests into two categories when getting married: day guests and evening guests. In fact, Hitched has found that there’s usually around a 25% increase from the number of people attending the ceremony to those who attend afterwards. This trick is being used by brides and grooms to keep some parts of their special day more intimate – not to mention less expensive! You should, however, still think about feeding your evening guests. Let’s look at three ways this added catering option will only improve your big day.


Hungry guests aren’t happy guests! In fact, it’s unlikely that people will be mingling and dancing if they’ve got a rumble in their tummies. It’s therefore in your interest to provide some sustenance if it gets them moving.

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Don’t forget, those who are only there for the evening bash might not have had time to enjoy a proper meal, especially if they’ve been travelling to your venue during dinnertime.


You should always show some sort of appreciation for your wedding guests. After all, they’ll have likely brought presents and gone out of their way to attend your special day. You can show your appreciation as simply as providing some tasty food, perhaps that from the likes of burger van hire. This way it looks like you’ve made an effort while at the same time avoiding a catering option that’s expensive or time-consuming.


Unfortunately, the odd evening guest might feel a little bitter about not making the earlier guest list. This might leave them questioning where they fit into your big day. Thankfully, the right catering option can help.

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Not only will it signify that there’s plenty in store for the evening part of the soiree, but the most scrumptious dishes (perhaps fish and chip van hire) will undoubtedly turn any frowns upside down.

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