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DIY Wedding Venue – what to consider



DIY Wedding venue - what to consider

DIY Wedding Venues – what to consider

More couples are now planning and doing their own wedding, as they wish to take back control and have a wedding that truly reflects their personalities. Below we share what you need to carefully consider if you are in the process of planning your DIY wedding in search of that inexpensive wedding location.

The importance of planning

Do you like to write lists and plan things well in advance? If not, then you really need to do this for your wedding. You need to write a list that incorporates every aspect of your wedding venue. You need to make sure that the diy wedding venue has space to meet all of your needs, including dancing and any planned entertainment. Its also got to be large enough to house all of your guests and be flexible to your needs. Of course if you are looking for a cheap wedding venue then the price is also going to need planning into your budget.

Walk around the venue

Go and walk around the diy wedding venue. We can’t stress enough the importance of doing this. It’s also a good idea to go during the same time of day that your wedding will take place, so that you get a good idea of light and how to decorate your venue. Stand and think about where you wish to place your flowers, where the dining area will be, and where you can place your fish and chip van, or another outdoor catering van.

Check it suits your wedding theme

The diy wedding venue needs to suit your wedding theme. If you want a relaxing wedding, that is informal and where pretty much anything goes, then the venue also needs to be relaxing. Perhaps it could be a hired cottage in the countryside? Perhaps you’ve just popped up a tent in a field. The important thing is that the chosen venue reflects you, is flexible and adaptable and within your budget.

Fez our drive along fish and chip van

DIY weddings need a flexible venue not just a cheap wedding venue. If you want to use a fish and chip van hire service, or a pie and mash van hire company, then the venue needs to be able to accommodate this. You need adequate outdoor space, that is coupled with places for your guests to eat and somewhere for them to dance. There really is a lot to consider.

To learn more about how we could help you with your DIY wedding catering needs, then please do give KK Catering a call today.