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Brides and Budgets: Tying the Knot without Getting in a Twist


Planning a wedding in the UK can often feel like you’re vying for a trophy in ‘The Great Bridal Stress-Out’. Ladies, we get it. Between flipping through bridal magazines that stretch longer than the queue at the dress fitting and thumbing through Pinterest boards till your phone battery waves a white flag, the whole affair can seem overwhelming.

One trending challenge that resonates across many a wedding spreadsheet is the *budget brouhaha*. According to a recent survey by, the average UK wedding now costs over £30,000. That’s a number to make anyone’s mascara run! So, how does our savvy bride-to-be host the shindig of the century without selling a kidney on eBay?

1. Set Your Priorities Straight

Like a wedding dress sale, go into planning with elbows out – know what you want. Make a list of non-negotiables. Is it the dream venue, the band that makes even granny shimmy, or the photographer who captures love better than cupid himself? Decide your top three and be prepared to compromise on the rest.

2. Embrace the Off-Peak Chic

High demand equals high prices. So, consider an off-peak season wedding. A winter wonderland theme could save you a chilly sum, and let’s face it, who doesn’t look fabulous in faux fur?

3. Say ‘I Do’ to DIY

Unleash your inner craft god or goddess. Make handcrafted invites or upcycled centrepieces that scream unique without whispering a word to your wallet. Plus, it’s a legit reason for a wine and crafting night with your bridal squad.

4. Cut the Guest List with Love

This is as delicate as threading a needle with your eyes closed, but trimming that guest list can be a budget lifesaver. No, you probably don’t need that second cousin once removed whom you met once at a family BBQ in 2003.

5. Feed Fun with Function

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Now here’s a tasty morsel of advice: swap out the traditional three-course meal for street food stalls that’ll jazz up the dining experience. Data from Bridebook suggests that couples are increasingly opting for food trucks which can slash catering costs significantly, not to mention they’re a foodie photo-op waiting to happen!

Remember, no one will measure the love at your wedding in pound signs. They’ll measure it in the joy on your face, the spring in your step, and the amount of Aunt Mabel’s dance moves that go viral.

P.S. A World of Flavours on Your Big Day

In the spirit of tying the knot while entwining cultures, why not venture down the lane of international street food for your special day? It’s a perfect way to sprinkle a dash of wanderlust into your wedding and trust us, it’s easier on the purse strings than flying everyone to an exotic destination for dinner.

This new wave of wedding catering offers guests a carousel of taste experiences – from a zesty taco stand to vibrant Vietnamese rolls, or even a good old British fish & chips van that pays homage to the humble spud and its sea-faring friend. Your day can become a global extravaganza that tickles the taste buds and leaves a lasting impression. Who knows? You might just redefine the meaning of a ‘blissful union’ with every bite, and isn’t that what a perfect wedding feast should be all about?