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Tying The Knot Without Getting Tangled


Once upon a time in an overpacked Pinterest board, a bride-to-be felt the weight of a hundred wedding magazines crashing down on her. Ladies, isn’t wedding planning just the most glamorous form of chaos there is?

A staggering 96% of couples find wedding planning stressful, with 40% even deeming it “extremely stressful” (you don’t say!), according to a study by Zola. The glass slipper in this fairytale? Setting—and sticking to—a budget.

Ah, the “B” word. In an era where the average UK wedding hovers around £30,000, according to Bridebook’s National Wedding Survey, our wallets are already wincing. But fear not, as I bring you practical wizardry to conquer the beastly budget blues.

1. Prioritize and Personalize

Bride and Groom with Burgers on their wedding day

Decide what really matters to you and your partner. Is it the food? The ambiance? A particular live band that makes you groove like no other? Allocate your budget there and consider cutting back elsewhere.

2. Embrace the Off-Peak

Consider an off-peak season or a weekday wedding. You can snag some big discounts, and hey, who doesn’t fancy a Thursday full of love and cake?

3. DIY, But Don’t Overdo It

Those handcrafted centerpieces are great until they cost you precious hours (and strands of hair). Go for DIY elements that are low-stress and enjoyable. Everything else? Delegate or ditch.

4. Revel in the Tech Age

Use apps and online tools for budget tracking and organization. Many platforms assist with keeping your spending in check and offer wedding checklists to side-step those “I’m sure I’m forgetting something” nightmares.

5. Say “I Do” to Help

Lean on your squad. Whether it’s Aunt Edith’s beautiful garden or your pal’s graphic design skills for the invites, don’t be shy. Most loved ones are eager to pitch in.

P.S. Spice Up Your Wedding Day… Literally

fish and chip van at a rustic outdoor wedding in the uk

Who needs stuffy formal dining when a convoy of international street food can whisk you and your guests on a palate-pleasing adventure? Imagine biting into a fiery Thai curry while your best mate tackles a taco. Street food at weddings isn’t just a hipster’s delight; it’s a wallet-friendly alternative to traditional catering—think less ‘wallet emptying’ and more ‘plate filling’. It creates a sensory spectacle that’ll be the buzz long after you’ve jet-setted to the honeymoon. Fun, flavorful, and oh-so Instagrammable, it’s the perfect way to chow down and cheer up the whole wedding brigade!