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Boost Your Christmas Fayre With A Burger Van Hire


Christmas fayres are everywhere these days. Schools hold them as a means of raising vital funds; clubs and organisations do so for the same reason. Village halls hold them so small businesses and individuals cans sell arts, crafts and local produce, making money themselves on each table they rent out.

Whatever reason you are organising a Christmas fayre, make sure you offer something for the customers to eat, Hungry Customer’s don’t spend money at your event they leave.

Burger van hire from kk catering

Why Burgers?

When it’s cold and folk are looking around stalls, they’ll want something filling, fast, convenient and warm. They will also want something children can eat without cutlery and without complaining! This is what makes a burger van so ideal for such as occasion. Outsourcing the catering to a company like KK Catering will inevitably keep punters at the fayre for much longer and save you a huge amount of headache when it comes to thinking about a food stall.

Evening fayres often take place from around 4-8pm, with people coming before or after their dinner. Be sure to let them know via the posters and flyers that burgers will be available to buy on site to stop them eating first or leaving early.


Other Fundraising Ideas For Christmas Fayres

If an outside catering company is dealing with the food, this leaves you free to come up with some great money-making stalls to bring in that extra cash for your organisation. Provided you have time to organise an event liquor license, then cups of mulled wine can make huge margins. Rides are also popular with families and often outside companies will come in and then give you a percentage of their profits. Encourage the local kids to get crafty and make some Christmas tree decorations or stockings – these are also huge sellers just before Christmas.

Holding a Christmas fayre can be a great way to make a bit of extra money for your school, preschool, sports club or community group, but coming up with a suitable food stall and finding someone to run it can be more hassle than necessary. Outsourcing this to a commercial company will save the hassle and keep people around longer. Contact KK Catering today to get your burger van sorted for your Christmas fayre.