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Banning Social Media At Your Wedding


We’ve all seen people posting pictures of elegant servings of food when at a fancy restaurant or a glitzy event. This, of course, might be one of the driving forces behind you wrestling with the idea of spending an arm and a leg on the catering at your wedding. However, there’s something you should know – wedding food doesn’t have to be social media-friendly!

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BrideBook’s newest survey has found that 30% of brides and grooms now ask guests to refrain from posting photos of their wedding day on social media. In fact, 13% even banned the use of social media altogether! So, with it being acceptable to say ‘no’ to sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on your big day, what catering options can be left on the table? Here are three to think about.


A meal like pie and mash might not be social media-worthy, but it will certainly be appealing to those couples looking to stay within budget. After all, wedding planning site Hitched recently determined that 65% of brides and grooms now go over budget when tying the knot. Why push yourself to the financial limit when you can just go with an affordable, delicious option like pie and mash van hire?


Who cares if a meal looks mind-blowingly attractive as long as it fills you up? In this regard, you can’t beat a burger van hire.

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It’s unlikely to have guests reaching for the camera, but you can guarantee it will leave them satisfied and full of energy to enjoy the rest of your big day.


The problem with choosing social media-friendly food is that you actually start catering to please a small group of people. Once you forget about this aim, you can choose a dish that everyone – including young children and the elderly – love, such as fish and chips. It’s a universally-adored catering option that will put a smile on the faces of everyone in attendance.

Good Luck!

Forget about social media on your wedding day! There are more important things to think about, such as arranging for a meal of substance to be served to your guests.

For help with this, be sure to check out KK Catering for a range of amazing options available to you and your betrothed.