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Get ready for World Food Day With Our Food Van Hire | Food vans & catering for events

This October, we see the return of World Food Day; an entire day dedicated to celebrating all we know and love about food from around the globe.

And, with the launch of new cooking shows during recent weeks, and the return of some old favourites, there’s never been a better time to enjoy food, both making it and eating it!Event & Wedding Catering |

Whether you have a wedding coming up, a birthday party, company event, or simply just want to bring your colleagues together for a team-building event, there are many ways to enjoy World Food Day, sampling cuisines from across the globe.

Pie and mash on World Food Day

What’s your favourite pie and mash? From succulent steak and kidney to creamy chicken and leek, pie has been a firm British favourite since the 19th century – yum!

Pie and mash van hire for an event is sure to go down a treat. Teamed with creamy mash, fresh veg, and lashings of rich gravy, is there anything better?


Ah mamma mia! Celebrate World Food Day with one of Italy’s finest dishes – pizza!Pizza Van Hire | KK

Originating from Naples, and first introduced in the 1800s, pizza has snowballed in popularity in the modern day.

Pizza van hire is widely seen at weddings, but it’s also perfect for birthday parties and work events, too. And what better way to celebrate World Food Day than tucking into a fresh slice? Extra cheese, please!


From the land of the free, and the home of the b-urger…

Yes, it’s not just the Americans who love tucking into a good burger (reportedly eating over 50 billion every year!), especially when accompanied by super skinny fries.

With the rise of posh burgers in recent years, burger van hire is becoming increasingly more popular as well. Just watch the crowds come flocking!

Fish and chips

A British staple, fish and chips taste so much better fresh from the newspaper they are wrapped in and eaten with a traditional wooden fork.Fish & Chip Van Hire |

Us Brits enjoy over 300 million portions of fish and chips every year (yes, really!), so it’s no surprise to hear fish and chip van hire is still as popular as ever. And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

See our website for all the different food units on offer, and get World Food Day off to a great start – it’s never too early to start planning!