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Turkey Alternatives That Make A Great New Christmas Food Tradition


Turkey is still the overwhelming favourite for Christmas dinner, with 76% of us tucking in last year. But if you’re bored with turkey, why not take some inspiration from around the world and create your own alternative Christmas food fair?

Japan Goes Crazy For Fried Chicken


Though Christmas isn’t officially a holiday in Japan, families tuck into a bucket of crispy fried chicken on Christmas Day. The reason? An incredibly successful 1974 advertising campaign for a certain brand of fried chicken called ‘Kentucky for Christmas!’ Turkeys don’t exist in Japan, so chicken is the next best thing. The fried chicken Christmas dinner is insanely popular, so a Southern fried chicken van is a must.

Stinky Skate In Iceland


The traditional Icelandic pre-Christmas feast is fermented skate and boiled potatoes. The smell is so bad people choose to eat out rather than make their own homes whiff with the pungent delicacy. You could improve on tradition with a fish and chip van.

13 Desserts For A French Noel

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Down in Provence, 13 desserts of different nibble-able delicacies are left out for guests to graze on. Why 13? It represents Christ and the apostles. We’re not suggesting you provide 13 desserts for your Christmas feast, but crepes are always delicious at any time of year.

Plenty Of Garlic For Egyptian Festivities

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The Egyptians like a big blow out late on Christmas Eve, feasting on lamb stew, bread and plenty of garlic for a Christmas almost as pungent as that Icelandic skate. For your own take on Egyptian tradition, our donner kebab van fits the bill.

It’s A Spicy Fiesta Down Mexico Way

Mexican Burrito Customers

The Mexicans love to celebrate Christmas Eve with all the best Mexican cuisine has to offer. Needless to say, we can help you replicate an authentic Mexican fiesta with our burrito bar.

Don’t Forget The Vegetarians

OK, so they’re not a country, but vegetarians often get a raw deal at Christmas with only a dry nut roast or a stuffed pepper on offer. Make their Christmas with tasty veggie noodles or a delicious veggie curry.

Happy Christmas!