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Stop Heavy Drinking At Your Wedding With Food in 3 Ways


It’s now very common for guests to drink beyond their means at a wedding. In fact, Direct Line – when researching why people are pulled up for driving under the influence. Determined that the average guest drinks 14.82 units of alcohol when attending a wedding.

This is well above the two to four units that the NHS recommends men and women limit themselves to on a daily basis. Now rather than ban the booze at your wedding, you can instead limit its effects with the help of the food. Here are three ways the catering can stop brides and grooms from worrying about people drinking heavily at their wedding.


If you’re worried about your guests becoming silly by the end of the night, then a hefty meal will help. Preferably one that’s high in protein, fat or carbohydrates as this can work towards lining the stomach.

This makes it harder for the body to absorb the alcohol. For example, burger van hire should ensure that everyone has fun without going over the top.


Alcohol has been found to lead to an increase in appetite. This can lead to people becoming tired, uncomfortable and irritable if they aren’t fed.

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Rather than allow your wedding to hit a sour note because people have overindulged, you can be armed with a hearty catering option. Perhaps fish and chip van hire – to ensure their needs are met.


You certainly won’t want people’s lasting memory of your wedding to be the huge hangover it caused them to wake up with. Rather than allow this to be the negative downside to a night of fun.

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You can limit the effects of people’s hangovers with the catering. In the same manner to how food stops people getting too drunk, it also works to limit hangovers.

What’s Best To Do?

The fact that the food can be a godsend to heavy drinkers is just one of the reasons to consider all your catering options ahead of your wedding. If you’re interested in checking out a range of food vans available for your big day, get in touch with KK Catering.