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Why Crepes Are Perfect For Your Next Event


Whether you call them pancakes, blinis or griddlecakes, a version of the crêpe appears in every food culture. After all, a flatbread is just a crêpe that hasn’t been introduced to an egg. But when it comes to elevating food to another level the French are unbeatable. Which is why the crepe has taken over the world.

It may be a humble collection of ingredients – just flour, milk and eggs – but combined with French flair they’re elevated into a culinary treat that everyone loves.

Celebrate With A Crepe

Planning a wedding? Everyone from kids to grandparents will be happy to snack on a sizzling hot crêpe while they wait for the wedding photos to finish and the reception to begin. Want to celebrate a significant birthday? Why not follow the trend that’s sweeping social media and create your own layered Mille Crepe cake.

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The point is, crepes are endlessly versatile. You don’t have to stick with slathering them in Nutella or toffee and banana. Add ham and mushroom or ricotta and spinach for a savoury treat that can cater for carnivores or vegetarians. You can even set up a crepe bar and let your guests have the fun of creating their own flavour combos.

From Humble Origins

The French crepe was born in Brittany in the 12th century as a humble batter of buckwheat flour, water and salt. Gradually the batter has evolved, and we now use the best quality organic flour and eggs to create our golden and delicious treat. They’re still widely celebrated in France, with February 2nd being the day of the crepe, like our pancake day. It’s also known as the Fete des Chandeleurs, or the day when the light returns after the long winter.

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There’s also a pancake tossing tradition that might be worth a try. Hold a coin in the hand you write with and flip your crepe with the other. If it lands flat you’ll enjoy a prosperous year and who wouldn’t want that! If your event is in February, why not make crepe-tossing part of the celebrations?

At KK Catering we offer crepe cart and bar hires and a range of cuisines from around the world, so if crepes aren’t your thing there are plenty of other great ideas to choose from!