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Choose The Best Fish And Chip Van For Your Next Event


Why choose a fish and chip van for your next event

From a messy Saturday night out to a formal winter wedding, from Christmas parties to motorway lay-bys, food vans continue to be a familiar feature across the UK, providing great food, a sense of companionship and something to keep us warm against the cold weather. Whether you’re at a festival or local carnival, a fish and chip van can make any event better. Here are just some reasons to choose a fish and chip van for your next event:

1. Convenience

couple holding fish and chips next to catering van

Using a fish and chip van for an event doesn’t just prevent all the planning and paperwork required for a set or chosen menu; it offers convenience in spades. For a more casual wedding or event, a food van provides a way to offer a convenient choice of food without a formal sit-down meal.

2. Tradition

For every wedding or event attendee who has ever been to the British seaside, fish and chips are a traditional treat. Thought to have been around since 1860, fish and chips bring nostalgia and summery thoughts and are the perfect way to finish off a great day. They’re also practically an English tradition, which is why we eat 382 million portions of them a year!

3. Variety

From mushy peas to curry sauce, a fish and chip van provides options for even the fussiest eaters – and caters for vegetarians too. With multiple alternative options available there’s something for everyone – and the variety to provide several different meals.

4. Comfort Food

Fish and chips for your office party

What food do you turn to after a long day? Easy, quick and tasty comfort food. Whether you’re looking to warm up or wanting to wind down, food from a van has that extra quality that makes it the perfect end to any night – or the perfect break for a long event.

5. The Novelty Factor

For weddings and events, the idea of a food van – especially those involving different types of food – still has a sort of novelty attached to it as opposed to a traditional meal. If you’re conscious you don’t want your event to be too stuffy or formal, a fish and chip van is the ideal way to help every guest feel at ease. It not only makes the day more memorable but means people can get as much or as little as they like, when they like, helping you eliminate any stress from your event.

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