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Should You Have A Stand-Up Meal At Your Wedding?


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Three ways a stand-up meal will actually benefit guests at your wedding
It’s understandable that brides and grooms will want guests to enjoy themselves on their wedding day. After all, those in attendance play a big part in making it special – which is probably why recent statistics show that the average wedding reception now features more than 100 guests!

The question is: will a sit-down meal really suffice as a way to reward all those friends and family who have made the effort to come? Not always. Here are three ways that you’ll find a stand-up meal can actually benefit guests at your wedding.


Couple stand in fron of fish and chip van

Don’t be fooled into thinking that guests taking a few minutes off their feet is likely to give them more energy later on in the evening. In actual fact, taking a seat for an extended amount of time can actually make people feel tired and lethargic – especially when eating.

Instead, you’ll find that they’ve got a more consistent spring in their step if they can eat something stood up that’s been served from the likes of burger van hire.


the number of guests will be a factor in how much a fish and chip van costs

Instructing everyone to sit-down can actually ruin the atmosphere on your wedding day. In just a second’s notice, everything can suddenly begin to feel overly stuffy and rather rigid. Meanwhile, a catering option like fish and chip van hire will ensure that you don’t run the risk of ruining the relaxed mood on your special day.


bride and groom with fish and chips at their wedding breakfast

You will, of course, want all your guests to mingle. Sadly, the chances of this happening are slim when people have to sit down for a meal.

They go from having a room full of people with which to laugh and socialise with, to now only having those who they’re sat next to on the table. This really doesn’t bode well for when you try to get everyone up for dancing later on.

There’s an answer…

It’s clear that both you and your guests have a lot to gain from a catering option that allows everyone to stay on their feet during the festivities. If you’re keen to book one of our mobile food vans for your wedding, be sure to get in touch with us at KK Catering.