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Choosing Your Wedding Food


Your wedding day should be exciting, memorable and above all truly perfect. However, with the immense amount of choice we now face when it comes to the menu, sometimes all the planning can detract from the true meaning of weddings. So how do you solve this problem and pick the perfect food for your dream wedding? This article serves as an easy-to-digest guide on choosing your wedding food.

1. Be Yourself

It may seem obvious, but when planning any aspect of your wedding, sticking to your gut feeling is of unparalleled importance. With over 40% of couples now planning their weddings together, your wedding day should be a celebration of you and your fiancee. If you stick to this simple rule, then you will be able to truly relax and enjoy what you have been looking forward to for so long.

So how does this translate to the food? Well, it’s simple, stick to what you know and what you like; the foods you love to eat together or a dish that’s packed with special memories. There is no point worrying about what specific guests will think – your nearest and dearest are there for you, not for the food!

2. Don’t Over-complicate It

Why not let us serve our Pie and Mash buffet style inside your venue?

In the same way, simplicity is key. This is even more important when we consider the fact that ‘inedible’ and overly fussy food has been listed as one of the top wedding guest complaints, according to The Huffington Post. Long gone are the days of fiercely traditional weddings where the bride, groom and entire wedding party sit down to a stuffy and impersonal five-course banquet. What people want is good, honest food. Food that all can enjoy without struggling through dishes that they cannot even pronounce.

By keeping things simple you will ensure that your wedding meal will be enjoyed by all. If you want fish and chips, then have fish and chips, if you want a burger, then have a burger, and if you want pie and mash, then have it! Each of these is a traditional tasty English favourite for a reason.

3. Have Fun

Arguably more important than the above two points is to remember that planning a wedding should be an extremely exciting process – one where you and your future Mr or Mrs have the best fun. When it comes to choosing the food for your big day this is even more important.

Rather than the painfully formal ordeals that have previously been mentioned, one great and cost-effective way to choose your wedding food – and give your event that edge – is by looking for food van hire.

Whether this is pie and mash van hire or even burger van hire, by serving your wedding day’s food this way, you will ensure a naturally sociable atmosphere is maintained. One where people feel they can ‘mingle,’ talk to the people they want to and even approach new people that they perhaps haven’t before met. When weddings represent the coming together of two families, this is even more important. By allowing people the freedom of where and when to eat, you will encourage a social and laid-back wedding vibe. And who doesn’t want that?

So there you have it, a few simple things to remember when choosing your wedding food. At KK Catering, we have various food units and food van hire options to suit all tastes. So what are you waiting for? Head to our website today, or get in touch, and let’s start picking your wedding menu!