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3 Tips For Pregnant Brides Planning Their Wedding Food


3 Tips For Pregnant Brides Planning Their Wedding Food - Blog Title

3 Tips For Pregnant Brides Planning Their Wedding Food

These days it’s not uncommon for couples to have an extra special guest at their wedding – their unborn baby! More and more people aren’t waiting until marriage to start a family, with some brides even being pregnant on their big day. It might well influence some of your decisions if you’re with child, including what you wear and where you say ‘I do’. It might also affect what path you go down when it comes to catering. Let’s look at three tips for pregnant brides who are planning their wedding food.

Keep it cheap

You might be surprised to learn that 23% of couples are willing to borrow money to pay for their wedding, according to MoneyWise. Do you really want debt hanging over your head when your child arrives?

fish and chip van party

Babies are expensive and you might want to consider pinching those pennies on the run-up to your wedding and opting for a budget-friendly catering option, like fish and chip van hire.

Don’t overdo it

Pregnant women should take it easy where possible and not expose themselves to undue stress. Unfortunately, this is what’s likely to happen when you choose an elaborate catering option. A sit-down meal, for instance, doesn’t just require food but it also requires tables, seating plans, centrepieces and servers. Ultimately, it will be easier for you – and better for your baby – to choose a simpler option, like burger van hire.

Put you first

Ignoring your pregnancy cravings can put you in a bad mood. While you might choose to do this on a day-to-day basis, there’s nothing wrong with answering your body’s calls on your wedding. If you’ve been craving sweet goods, then how about creperie van hire?

Waffle Hut hire - 3 tips for pregnant brides

Aside from satisfying your cravings and ensuring that you’re feeling positive on your wedding day, there’s every reason to believe that your guests will also jump at the opportunity to indulge.

Where to start?

You can put all these tricks to good use by checking out the amazing range of catering options available at KK Catering. We have a variety of food trucks to meet the needs of different couples – including ones where the bride is pregnant.