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Wedding Food, The Cost-Effective, Stress-Free Way


Weddings are one of the most stressful events you will ever have the displeasure of organising.

From picking up the perfect dress to finding the correct bridesmaid’s dresses to the groom’s outfit, then his groomsmen, not to mention finding the venue and organising the transport.

But it doesn’t stop there… then, you have to send the invites, make the seating chart, and research the next three years’ worth of meteorological data to determine what the weather might be like. It’s a lot!

And then, to top the whole thing off, you have to decide what food to serve, send the options to your RSVP’d guests, wait for them to choose, then when they send it back incomplete and undecided, call them to get a definitive answer.

Who has the time?

It’s a wonder that more brides aren’t walking around bald from tearing their hair out due to decision making induced stress!

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We’re not here to tell you how to organise a wedding day. After all, each wedding is unique to each person. But we are here to remove the stress of catering your special day. That’s the benefit of KK Catering. It’s what we do!

Organising traditional caterers is one of the most stressful things you will ever do! It relies on your guests responding on time and not deviating from the menu (which almost always happens!) This method is a literal nightmare and so old fashioned. People are there to celebrate you, not the four-course over-extravagant and rather pointless meal that seems to get in the way of the actual celebration.

Instead, you need to think modern, think easy, think tasty, think party, think stress-free!

It’s time to embrace the food truck.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Eww, a food truck at a wedding!’

Well, don’t. Why should a food truck be bad? Instead, we should be normalising this hot new trend and welcoming it for many more years to come.

Besides, only food snobs would pass on something so relaxed, unique, and stress-free.

Let’s take a look at the benefits.

Benefit One: Low Cost

The cost of catering a wedding is high, potentially one of the highest expenses alongside the event room hire.

This is down to many factors, such as staffing, the cost of food, the time it takes to prepare and cook, and not to mention the food options you choose.

In a recent post by, they compared prices on regions within the UK and the style of catering they offered, finding the minimum for one-hundred guests with a three-course dinner was £28.00 per person and the most expensive, four-course champagne reception was £225 per person. These eye-watering prices are enough for anyone to ask simply for ice and only ice for each course. But one option that most don’t consider is the humble food truck.

The food truck is the most cost-effective way to cater to your wedding. On average it costs £10.00 per person, a quarter of the cost! And with the plethora of food trucks to choose from, you can hire as many as you like.

Benefit Two: Low Stress!

A study from found that 40 per cent of couples categorised wedding planning as extremely stressful, with 71 percent ranking it as the most nerve-racking life event ever!

With this in mind, getting everyone’s order and relaying this back to your event organiser is no simple task. Coordinating about a hundred people, each with their dietary requirement, taste and preference, is a nightmare, one that you don’t need to put yourself through.

From fish and chip van hire to burger vans, pie and mash to Italian food, pizza and more, KK Catering has every van needed to make your wedding day special.

Also, quick question, who doesn’t like pizza? And most importantly, if they don’t like pizza, are you even inviting them?

Benefit Three: No Time-wasting

Perhaps the most crucial reason you should look to the revolutionary catering expertise of the food van by KK Catering is also the one we all wish we had a little more of: time and energy.

With little to no time spent organising a four-course meal for your friends and family, you’re free to put all your energy into planning the perfect wedding.

Hiring a van through us at KK Catering is quick and easy, saving you time, energy and money. From our team of customer service agents ready to guide you through our simple process to the best chefs around, prepared to cater to your hungry guests and keep you stress-free, allowing you to put all your time and effort into being present on the most special day of your life.

In short, do you want stress free wedding food that is cost-effective but quick and easy to book? Then look no further than KK Catering.


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