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Three Reasons To Offer Vegan Options At Your Wedding


Blog Title - Three Reasons To Offer Vegan Options At Your Wedding

There are currently 540,000 vegans in the UK, according to the Vegan Society. This means that 7% of the population now practice veganism – making it likely that there might be a few of these people in attendance at your wedding. Whether you are or aren’t a vegan, there’s still plenty to be gained from catering for those friends and family who are and who will be attending your big day. With this in mind, let’s look at three reasons why you should offer vegan options at your wedding.


The average wedding now features over 100 guests. Now – when you factor in that 7% of the population are vegans – this means you could be expecting at least seven vegans at your wedding.

Of course, these people need to be catered for. After all, you’ll only feel better on the day when you’ve created an inclusive atmosphere where all your guests can enjoy themselves.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your meat-eating guests won’t have their heads turned by the food just because it’s vegan. The dishes can smell just as heavenly and taste just as scrumptious as those with meat – and that’s without even mentioning that they’re typically healthier! All in all, you’ll just be providing more variety if you arrange for the likes of vegan pizza van hire and general vegan street food hire for your special day.


One vegan options at your wedding could be street food, it’s so convenient to arrange. It doesn’t require you arranging for copious amounts of tables or chairs, nor do you need to hire waiting staff.

Vegan burger van hire with the beyond burger

It’s not tough to eat because it doesn’t include meat and it’s generally a lot less greasy – something that all your suited and booted guests will surely appreciate as they begin to chow down.

It’s your decision!

Of course, vegan food can be just one part of the catering on your wedding day. Therefore, why not find out more information? KK Catering offer vegan street food mobile catering hire, featuring the likes of plant-based burgers. It could be a fantastic addition to your big day, so be sure to get in touch for a quote