Hyper-personalise Your Wedding Food – Without Spending A Fortune
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Hyper-personalise Your Wedding Food – Without Spending A Fortune


‘Hyper-personalisation’ is the trend taking the wedding world by storm. This is according to Bride Book, who have found that the desire to make the big day bespoke to the bride and groom is causing some couples to rack up huge costs. In fact, it’s being named as a major factor to making the average wedding bill go firmly over £30,000. The question is: how can you personalise your wedding without spending an arm and a leg? Well, it just so happens that you can achieve your aim simply by focusing on the catering. Let’s look at two ways you can ‘hyper-personalise’ your wedding food without spending a fortune.

Choose your favourites

The food typically served at weddings isn’t exactly what most people would say is amongst their favourites. Sure, the likes of grilled chicken and smoked fish is fancy – but does it really reflect you and your tastes? A better option – not to mention more affordable option – would be to choose something personal to you and your betrothed.

Three ladies with fish and chips

Are you amongst the many that love a good old fashioned portion of fish and chips from time to time? If so, then you’ll find that you can hyper-personalise your wedding simply by arranging for fish and chip van hire.

Reflect your journey

Your wedding day is the biggest chapter in your romance – but it’s not the first chapter. Therefore, why not give your guests a glimpse into your past? This could be by choosing a cuisine that reflects where you’ve been or a special memory that you and your betrothed both share.

couple standing in front of Greek Souvlaki hut

Did you once enjoy a sun-kissed holiday in Europe? A Greek souvlaki hut could symbolise that. Perhaps your first date was to a pizza restaurant? In that case you couldn’t go wrong by arranging for pizza van hire. There are loads of great avenues to go down depending on your history.

Make it happen!

You’ll find that the food can be one of the most budget-friendly ways to hyper-personalise your wedding and make it unique to you and your partner. To check out all the catering options available to you, get in touch with KK Catering.