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Throw a Family-friendly Office Party


The standard office has employees working from nine to five – and if staff are lucky there might be some glimmer of fun in between those hours. However, the laid-back shenanigans are usually reserved for parties and events thrown outside of work. If you’re a boss, you could throw such a bash now that it’s turning to spring and the weather is brightening up. You could even make it a family friendly affair so that your workforce can bring along their children. With this in mind, here are some nifty little tricks to help make kids feel welcome.

Don’t Hold It In The Office

Yes, it’s called an office party. But that’s more to do with who’s invited, rather than where it’s held. If you want your employees’ offspring to feel relaxed, it’s probably best to host the event outside of the office. After all, many work places can be rather sterile, drab and uninviting to children. Additionally, you should also find that you’re able to loosen up a little bit too without worrying about the equipment getting damaged.

Think Of Food That Everyone Will Love

Fish and chips for your office party

You can’t go wrong with fish and chip van hire if you want to put a smile on people’s faces. Kids can’t get enough of the national delicacy so you should find that they’re more than satisfied with the grub. Then, of course, adults will also be hurrying to tuck in because fish and chips are a dish loved by all.

Friendly Competition

Games can serve three purposes at the office party. Firstly, they’ll get the young ones feeling involved and glad to be present. Secondly, the parents won’t have to worry about entertaining their children. Lastly, games – especially ones with a degree of teamwork involved – can go some length to improving communication between staff. Everyone’s a winner!

Office Parties Are Not Just For Christmas

The best bosses throw shindigs to make their staff feel appreciated all year long – and not just at Christmas. If you want to treat your staff – as well as their children – start organising an office party today. The first step could be hiring a fish and chip van for everyone to enjoy.