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January Is The Best Month To Hold Your Annual Office Party


January is great time for a party. The month of post celebration hangovers, Blue Monday and bad weather make it the perfect time for a cheery get together, to look to the year ahead, and to enjoy some comfort food. There are some good reasons to think about holding your annual office party in January.

December May Be A Very Busy Time For Your Company

Retailers, delivery services and the hospitality industry are all stretched at this time of year, so who needs the extra effort of organising a party when it can be added to the January rota instead? Many employees will also be busy outside of work, organising family Christmases and enjoying other occasions. There’s a better chance everyone will be able to make it and be more relaxed in January.

More Available Bookings

In the run up to Christmas, so many people arrange parties it can be difficult for the venue or vendor of your choice to squeeze you in. It’s easier to organise in January, while vendors are more likely to have the time and availability to help make your event perfect.

Cheaper Prices

Over the Christmas period, many businesses put their prices up. Trade slows down in January, so it’s possible your company could host a great party at a lower cost than in December.

Caters For All Your Team

Indian Street food catering vanfrom kk catering

In an ever more diverse workforce, employees are likely to come from a variety of faiths or religions. Organising your party after Christmas may help those who aren’t Christians to feel more involved.

A team get together makes perfect sense at the start of the new year, when morale can be low and people are desperately searching for something to look forward to. Whatever you might plan, a food van is a great choice to add to your January party. It’s a flexible, hassle free way to add flavour to any event. Whether it’s fish and chip van hire, a baked potato van or an eastern-inspired noodle bar, there are all sorts of choices.