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Should You Let Guests Know Whats On Your Wedding Food Menu?


Should You Let Guests Know Whats On Your Wedding Food Menu? Blog Title

Should You Let Guests Know Whats On Your Wedding Food Menu? The pros and cons

You’ll need to let guests know where and when you’ll be getting married. The question is: do they also need to know what wedding food menu you’ll be serving? This is something to consider if you’re putting together your invites. After all, you might not have made a decision relating to the catering or you might not want to make a big fuss over what’s been served up. If you’re still unsure about whether your guests need to know beforehand, here are some pros and cons to weigh up ahead of your wedding.


People will naturally want to know what’s in store. Therefore, you’ll be giving them what they want if you reveal your choice of catering. This can, of course, build excitement. For example, just consider if you had arranged for Mexican burrito bar hire? This unusual option could be just the thing to pique people’s interests and ensure that they’re looking ahead excitedly for your big day.

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Meanwhile, your choice of catering can influence what kind of gift you receive. According to Hitched, the average couple can expect to rake in £1,832 in cash alone when they get married. This figure might even go up if you choose a dish that guests will love rather than one that’s boring and safe.


You’ll be giving yourself more chance to plan the catering if you don’t lock yourself into an option when sending out the invites. This means you can keep every option on the table – from stone baked pizza van hire to fish and chips.

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Secondly, it’s important to remember that – while it’s true people will be inquisitive about what you are planning – it’s perfectly acceptable to leave it as a surprise. As long as you’ve factored in people’s dietary requirements, there’s nothing wrong with having a ‘wait and see’ attitude. After all, this is the same approach you’ll have to the wedding dress and the first dance song – so why not the food too?

It’s up to you!

Whether you tell people about your choice of the wedding food menu or not, it’s one of the many decisions you’ll have to make on the run-up to saying ‘I do’. In the meantime, KK Catering is happy to provide you with some delicious catering options to choose between – so don’t wait to get in touch!