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Reasons To Book A Food Van At Your Wedding


Be honest, how many of us have sat around a table full of people we can’t stand at a wedding waiting an age for a plate of indifferent food to arrive?

As we politely make small talk with the bride’s elderly uncle, or the new girlfriend of our ex-boyfriend, we reach for the communal bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and drown our sorrows. Before we know it, we are a little worse for wear and no amount of salmon fillets or wedding cake is going to stop the day from becoming messy. We have all been there, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

As our tastes for wedding celebrations become less formal, isn’t it time to embrace the food van and all it has to offer?

Awkward Family Moments

Weddings are a minefield when it comes to relationships. Whilst we love our partners, we might not love their friends or families and it is a fact that many wedding guests come to blows over the wedding feast. Sit down meals for large numbers can take time to arrive at tables and whilst the wine flows and emotions run high, you run the risk of leaving your guests feeling tired and emotional.

The very best way to cater for your guests quickly and limit any unwanted contact between the more lively members of your guest list is to enlist the help of a food van.

At the very least, it can act as a talking point for people who have nothing to say to each other or are trying to find a way to make friends with the bridesmaid.

Time Waits For No Man

Consider the time which can be saved by creative thinking when it comes to your catering choice, not only in terms of planning but also in delivery. Static caterers require kitchens and staff. The end product requires tables, table cloths, dishes, cutlery and waiting staff to deliver the food to your guests, which can take up huge chunks of valuable party time.

In comparison, catering vans are experts at delivering high quality, fast meals and can even make the process fun to watch.

The wait time can be a great way to mingle and can only add to the all-important ‘guest experience’. Catering vans can also be more flexible with regards to serving times and, of course, they are portable so almost anywhere is possible, whereas a caterer requires an actual kitchen to operate from.

This means the world is your oyster with regards to location and you can spend more of your big day enjoying yourself.

The Freedom To Choose

If you are looking for a day full of relaxed fun, a catering van is an ideal option. What could be better than choosing food which everyone loves? Who doesn’t enjoy fish and chips, pizza, a good old fashioned burger or a sumptuous hog roast? If your tastes are a little less British, you could opt for tasty Mexican food, a Vegan option or even Sushi.

There is almost no taste which cannot be catered for by an experienced van-based chef and, better still, they are used to accommodating very large crowds whilst still supplying hot, delicious food which is full of fun and utterly memorable.

Budget Considerations

Regardless of whether you are inviting hundreds of guests or only a select few, after your venue costs, catering is usually the second most expensive outlay on your big day so it is always relative. Traditional sit down meals can cost restaurant prices, whereas catering vans can provide hot meals to suit any guest at a quarter of the price, depending on what type of cuisine you chose.

It is estimated that the average cost of a UK wedding is now £24,000*, which is a significant sum of money, so it may be wise to make savings. At the end of the day, very few guests will remember what a traditional sit-down wedding breakfast really consisted of, but they might remember how much fun it was ordering their own choice of taco and having a full tummy at the end of it.

* source –

Ask yourself; would you normally take your co-workers partner (who you have only met once) out for a £50 meal? Probably not, but you might treat them to a bacon double cheeseburger. Is snobbery going to cost you in the long run and if so, how much?

Time For Fresh Thinking

rustic wedding street food catering vans

With so many amazing options when it comes to catering vans, it seems like madness not to explore some new ideas. We want more from our weddings than starchy, sit down affairs and catering vans offer fun ways to feed your guests whilst reducing the costs and organisational elements so you can focus on celebrating your big day.

At KK Catering, we have a wide range of catering options available, including pizza van hire, fish and chip van hire and burger van hire. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements with our team.