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Three Tips To Manage Wedding Food For 100 Guests


Bride and groom next to fish and chip van

It doesn’t take long for a wedding guest list to grow. Once you’ve tallied up all your family, friends and work colleagues, it’s quite possible that you could end up looking at an unexpectedly large figure. Sometimes in the region of 100 names! Don’t worry, there’s no need to start whittling down which of your nearest and dearest make the final cut. Instead, you just need to consider these three tips to manage wedding food for 100 guests.

Don’t panic

At first, it might seem like 100 people is a huge number to have at your wedding. However, it’s not too far removed from the size of the average wedding guest list. According to Hitched, the typical wedding now accommodates for 106 guests.

 Queue of people at fish and chip unit

This should be a reminder for you that you’re not being unrealistic. Not to mention assure you that the wedding industry and certain wedding caterers, are more than equipped to host a reception of your size.

Re-focus attention

You can always move the focus off the food and onto another aspect of your wedding. You could, for instance, impress your guests with your choice of entertainment for the evening. This then opens you up to choosing food that’s on the affordable side, rather than meant to be a show-stopper. Just consider how fish and chip van hire would keep everyone satisfied without having to take centre stage during your big day.

Keep it casual

Don’t forget that 100 guests won’t just have to be fed if you go down a more formal route. Instead, you’ll be tasked with a bill for tables, chairs and numerous servers for the evening.

Bride holding burger and glass of wine

It’s much more in your interest to keep things casual, perhaps with burger van hire or a crêpe bar. These delights are sure to put a big smile on your guests’ faces without you having to regret inviting 100 people.

Good luck!

You really needn’t worry about providing wedding food for 100 guests – especially when you can enlist the help of KK Catering. We supply a range of amazing food options for weddings, so be sure to get in touch to see what tickles your fancy.