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Why It’s A Risky Move To Make Your Own Wedding Food


Blog title - Why It’s A Risky Move To Make Your Own Wedding Food

Weddings can be expensive affairs. Unfortunately, most couples are beginning to feel the pinch so much that they’re considering taking drastic action to cut costs – such as organising and preparing their own wedding food. This might seem like a good idea if you’re extremely budget-conscious, but in reality it has the potential to spoil your enjoyment of your big day. Let’s look at three reasons why it’s always a risky move to make your own wedding food.


The average price of a wedding is now over £30,000. It’s an eye-watering figure – and one that you’re right to want to steer clear of. However, making your own food isn’t the way to achieve it. The cost alone could spiral, especially when you consider that the average wedding is now attended by 106 guests.

Wedding couple enjoy fish and chips - kkcatering

Meanwhile, you could always pinch those pounds and stop the price from skyrocketing if you lock down an affordable catering option, like fish and chip van hire. It’s a budget-friendly route to go down and the price won’t grow at the last minute.


Don’t underestimate just how much time could be wasted by organising your own food. You’ve not only got to decide on a cuisine and choose the ingredients, but you’ve also got to prepare the meals fresh before your wedding. On the other hand, if you left this job in the hands of the professionals then you could divert your attention to other aspects of your big day. The venue, for instance, is currently the biggest expenditure for most couples. Why not spend more time trying to lock down a cheaper location instead?


The food can really heighten your enjoyment of your wedding. Just think of how satisfactory it will be to see your guests loving that first bite of the food served from burger van hire? Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that the same will happen if you go to the effort to make your own food.

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Even if you know your way around a kitchen, it’s unlikely that what you serve up could compare to the food that would be prepared by professionals with years of experience catering for weddings.

Play it safe

It’s too risky to gamble with the food on your wedding day. Therefore, you should play it safe by enlisting KK Catering. Our food isn’t just delicious but also affordable, so there’s really no need to consider any other options.