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How Wedding Food Could Lead To A Better Honeymoon


How Wedding Food Could Lead To A Better Honeymoon

The majority of couples look forward to a sun-kissed honeymoon after tying the knot. You could even say it’s the icing on the cake after successfully saying ‘I do’. Due to this, you’ll no doubt want to make the trip as fabulous as possible – and this starts when you’re planning your wedding. After all, have you ever considered just how much the choices you make for your special day can improve your upcoming honeymoon? Let’s take a look at three ways the wedding food, in particular, can lead to your first fantastic holiday as man and wife.


The average couple spends more on their honeymoon than they do on the catering for their wedding, according to Bride Book. The post-wedding getaway is clearly very important to people – and most aren’t willing to compromise on that for the sake of the catering.

bride being served fish and chip by husband at fish and chip van

Ultimately, if you spend less on the food you serve you’ll then be able to divert more money into your honeymoon fund. Don’t worry, there are plenty of catering options which are both affordable and high quality.


If you’re not careful you can find yourself with a never-ending to-do list if you choose the wrong catering option. You’ll have to hire tables, design seating plans and arrange for servers. Of course, this time could be better spent deciding which beaches to hit or which restaurants to dine at on your honeymoon if you were to choose a simpler catering option – like pie and mash van hire. Everything just falls into place much better when you’ve decided upon having a mobile food van.


It’s a simple fact of life that people are happier when they’re enjoying the food that they actually like. It might not seem like this is an important thing to do on your wedding day, but it’s worth remembering that you might feel a little down in the dumps after all is said and done because it was such a joyous occasion.

Luckily, if you’ve chowed down on the right grub – perhaps one of your favourites from fish and chip van hire – you’ll likely feel in much higher spirits as you prepare to jet off for your honeymoon.

Choose wisely!

If you’ve got one eye on your honeymoon as you’re planning your wedding then it’s vital you choose wisely when it comes to the food you serve. KK Catering has a great range of catering options that will only increase your chances of having a marvellous honeymoon, so be sure to get in touch.