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The Downsides Of Having Waiting Staff At Your Wedding


Blog Title - The Downsides Of Having Waiting Staff At Your Wedding

Until now it might not have crossed your mind to have anything other than a sit-down meal at your wedding. This – you might soon come to understand – can have its downsides. Aside from the fact that it will typically be the most expensive route that you can go down. There’s also the fact that you’ll require waiting staff at your wedding. How many? Well, perhaps quite a lot if your big day features the amount of guests that the average wedding now welcomes (106). Let’s look at four reasons why you don’t want waiting staff at your wedding.


The venue is the number one cost faced by brides and grooms when they get married, according to BrideBook. In your search for an affordable one, you’ll have to factor in that a large number of waiting staff will only increase your need to maximise the space at your wedding.

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This can be difficult to do when you’ve got tables out. Ultimately making it hard for people not to feel cramped as staff hurry around doing their jobs.


You will, of course, want everyone to get along like a house on fire on your special day. This can initially be difficult though when you’ve got guests from all walks of life, including family, friends and work colleagues. Waiting staff – while only doing their job – can still throw off the atmosphere as they become yet more unfamiliar faces in the mix.


Your wait staff will be racing around to serve up your chosen courses. In the process, it’s likely that they’ll get caught in some of the wedding photos.

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This can be disappointing for couples, especially when the staff inadvertently block other guests from being in the snaps. It can also ruin the fun when you come to look back on the photos in years to come and see people that you don’t recognise.

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