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Make Your Child’s Christening More Relaxed With These 5 Ways


Christenings are still very popular – but this doesn’t mean that people always look forward to them. After all, they can be quite a rigid affair if not done properly. Obviously there are some things you won’t have a say over, such as what’s read during the service and what day of the week it’s held on. However, you can make sure that the after-party is a lot less stuffy than your guests might expect. Here are five ways you could go about doing this.

The Food

Indoor Buffet Service

The actual christening is usually quite a formal affair. Therefore why not take things down a notch by hiring a pie and mash van or fish and chips for later on? The cuisine is an established favourite, and your guests will surely be queuing up for their portion, alternatively a traditional buffet is always a firm favourite, of course we can help you with the catering


You’ll certainly want to cater for your younger guests who have had to sit through the service. How about planning several games for them at the after party? This doesn’t have to be anything extensive, and could simply be classics like musical chairs or pass the parcel.

Message Board

The message board isn’t just fun on the day. Instead, it should provide memories for you and your family to look back on for years to come. The premise is simple: set up a board and ask people to write messages for the baby who’s being christened. There’ll no doubt be a mixture of messages, including ones that are comical and ones that are meaningful.

The Decorations

The liveliest christenings are well decorated. This can be anything along the lines of streamers, buntings and table confetti. Don’t worry about the colour scheme either, because this should really write itself – blue for a baby boy and pink for a baby girl.

The Music / Entertainment

The hymns in the service might get people singing, but they won’t get people up and dancing. Once you’ve left the church, be sure to switch the music to something that your guests can bop along to, better still hire a childrens entertainer who can help organise party games, handout prices and play music

Baby’s 1st Bath

This will likely be your child’s first party and you’ll want to make it memorable. If you follow these five tips you should find the middle ground between a formal service and a more relaxed after-party. Don’t forget to give KK Catering a ring today to get that pie and mash van booked for your child’s special day.