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Christmas buffet catering: why it’s best kept affordable


Christmas is the one time of year when almost everyone doesn’t mind loosening the purse strings ever so slightly. Whether it’s splashing out on presents or a winter-themed activity, there’s a lot of money that gets thrown around during the festive season. That said, there’s really no need why you should have to fork out for an expensive buffet for your office party this Christmas. After all, the cheaper option might just be the one that puts the biggest smiles on people’s faces. With this in mind, here’s why the catering for your Christmas buffet is best kept affordable.


It’s all well and good forking out for an elegant sit-down meal – but this probably won’t create the best atmosphere at the party. Instead, guests might feel it’s too formal and struggle to relax. On the other hand, cheap and cheerful food that can be eaten while standing sends the message that people can be laid-back and socialise in each other’s company. Isn’t this the vibe you want to create?


According to a survey conducted by Savoy Stewart [], companies usually spend anywhere between £8.76 and £37.06 per employee for the Christmas office party. However, those who spend too much on the grub might find that other elements – such as entertainment and decorations – have to fall on the backburner due to cash flow problems. Meanwhile, you can make sure all the fun extras are in the mix if you save money on the buffet.


Never underestimate just how much people love a good old-fashioned buffet. In fact, it’s arguably the safest option and can meet a whole range of dietary needs and preferences. On the other hand, if you splurge on a catering option that’s more expensive and a little out of the box, you might very well find it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Happy Christmas!

Our Christmas buffet is a catering option that will leave everyone feeling merry over the festive season. In particular, you’ll arguably be the most thrilled when you see just how much people love it despite it being the most affordable option. For more information on our service – or to learn more about the other options we provide, such as burger, street food and fish and chip van hire – get in touch with KK Catering.