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Ultimate Guide To Beach Wedding Food On A Budget


Your Guide to Beach Wedding Food On A Budget

A beach wedding is a dream occasion – sea, sun and sand surrounded by beauty. To accompany the perfect location, you need to create the perfect menu that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here is our ultimate guide to beach wedding food on a budget.

1. Cocktails & Drinks

No beach wedding would be complete without the addition of a classic cocktail. Popular alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail choices include pina coladas, margaritas, mango/strawberry/citrus daiquiris, fruit juice blends, or fresh fruit smoothies. A favourite recipe we recommended is the Malibu Sunset which consists of Malibu rum, coconut liqueur, pineapple juice and grenadine syrup – delicious!

2. Appetisers

Appetisers can be eaten during cocktail hour or you can serve them before dinner. For a beach wedding, popular delicious appetisers include variants of seafood, since you’re embracing the sea life. Try fish n chips buckets, mini crab-cakes, stuffed mushrooms, crab bites, sushi, or veggie cups.

3. Salads & Soups

Salads and soups are always a great way to prepare and cleanse the pallet before the main course. Some wedding receptions will include a course of salad and then soup, however, if you are on a budget, why not let your guests choose one or the other? Try garden salad with baby greens or a classic Caesar salad. If opting for soup, try cold soups to complement the hot surroundings. Also, a seafood soup is perfect to fit in with the beach wedding theme. Why not try a clam chowder or a soup that is local to the destination of your beach wedding?

4. Entrees

Now it’s time for the main show. Try serving two dishes so your guests have a choice, but don’t give any more options than this or you will be spending a lot more money. Serve your dishes with rice, pasta, potatoes or vegetables. Great budget beach wedding ideas include grilled fish, roast pork, Jamaican jerk meats, bbq chicken or a surf & turf option. You could even opt for a surf and turf type bbq buffet so your guests can pick and choose.

5. Desserts

Depending on the size of your wedding, you can save money by just using your wedding cake as dessert, but if your party is quite large, then adding in a couple of dessert options will help slice the cost of the wedding cake. Choose light dishes such as a citrus tart or grilled peaches served with ice cream and honey.

Are you ready to start planning the perfect beach wedding menu? We have a variety of food units to cater your special day, see our food units page for all the different food units available.