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Manchester Fish and Chip Vans


Manchester fish and chip vans

Hiring a fish and chips van for your event, whether it’s private or corporate, is one of the best ways to cater for your guests. Everyone loves fish and chips – a traditional British favourite – and the fun of the van only adds to the experience your guests will have, reminding them of past times enjoying fish and chips from a van! Below, we’ve suggested some great events that you could hire a fish and chip van for:

Special birthday

Whatever the time of year, a fish and chip van is a great way to celebrate and cater for a special birthday. The food is cooked within the van so you don’t have any of the hassle of cooking for or cleaning up after your guests, and everyone can take turns heading to the van to get their delicious hot food.

Corporate event

If you’re organising an event for your company, a fish and chip van is a great way to cater the event. All the hassle and stress of ensuring dietary requirements and food health and standards are met is left to your fish and chip van supplier. This leaves you to get on with the important job of hosting! Especially if you’re organising a networking event, a fish and chip van could suit the event, as guests could pay a subsidy towards their fish and chips when they buy tickets to attend.

School fair

A fish and chip van is a great way to cater a school or community fair. You could have the van, or a series of vans there all day so that you know everyone attending has access to delicious hot food, whatever time they arrive!


Fish and chip vans are a great addition to a wedding, especially if you want to give guests something to eat after your wedding breakfast, but don’t want to seat everyone again. The van brings a fun element into the day and guests can choose to eat or not, without the pressure of a three-course meal.

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