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Change my Booking

You can request changes to your booking upto 7 days before, if your booking is taking place in less than 7 days then you can request a change below and where possible we will try to accommodate your change.

Please note that changes to bookings cannot be made over the telephone.

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Change Service type
Self serve buffet is included already for our Pizza Salad Bar orders
Add Extra Guests
If you would like to add on more than 50 servings please use the additional message box at the bottom of this form. If you would like to downgrade your number of servings please also use the message box at the bottom of this form
Additional Serving times
if you need more than 6 hours use the message box on this page to let us know the details
Cold drinks includes, Lilt, Dandelion Burdock, Cherryade, R whites Lemonade, Fizzy Vimto, and Bottled Water Our hot drinks package includes tea and coffee
Crockery and Cutlery
Swap your disposable plates and knives and forks for crockery and stainless steel knives and forks
If your venue cannot provide access to a regular 13amp socket then we can bring a generator to power the unit *Pizza, Pie & Mash, Baked Potato menus require a 13amp socket & cannot be operated on a generator
Let us know how many special request meals need preparing
Wanting to leave us additional info or make a change not shown above? just enter the details here