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Complement your seaside themed event with a fish and chip van


Oh we do love to be beside the seaside, well we are 40 miles from the sea so its close enough to break into a tune.

Victoria park university residents at Manchester University decided to hold an end of year exams party today and to celebrate, KK catering served traditional British fish and chips as the main meal.

With 200 hungry students all wanting to get their free fish and chips they had a choice from our traditional menu which includes

Battered Cod
Fish cakes
Vegetable burgers
Mushy peas and curry sauce

The day was a beautiful summers day and perfect for the seaside theme and everybody enjoyed the pure golden crispy batter and a fresh white cod skinned and boned with chunky chips and a Generous helping of mushy peas

With demand high KK catering brought their larger fish and chip van and served 200 people in around 1 hour.

The Victoria halls residents association also offered popcorn and candy floss carts for the students.

The advantage of having mobile catering from one our fish and chip vans for an event such as this Is that the speed of service and quality of food cannot be matched by any other type of Catering

If you are interested in Hiring a traditional British fish and chip van for your event, wedding or party then contact KK Catering on 0844 740 5001.

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