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How to cut wedding food costs


how to cut wedding food costs

Have you done all the sums and been left reeling by the potential cost of your wedding? Many of us get carried away when planning our big day, but the last thing you want is to not even be able to enjoy the celebration because you know it’s burdening you financially. The good news is, while it’s definitely central to your wedding’s festivities, the catering at your reception is an area in which you can be smart and save cash.

Is the sit down dinner right for you?

The primary thing on your list to reconsider should be the big sit down dinner. First of all, it’s becoming a little outdated to have the conventional meal with table service and everyone confined to a particular seat. Recently, brides and grooms have instead been opting to provide guests with their favourite comfort food. So, if the bride loves fish and chips then the couple will look into fish and chip van hire and have one parked up outside, ready to serve delighted guests who are excited to have something fresh and different at a wedding.

The less staff required – the lower the cost

An added bonus of fish and chip van hire (or pie and mash van hire – whatever you fancy) is that you won’t have to pay waiters and waitresses to dish out the food, which will save you a bundle. You can follow the same logic for your appetisers and have individual bites and nibbles laid out on tables, buffet style, for guests to help themselves too. This also encourages mingling – as guests will chat to each other about the food as they select it – which ups the atmosphere of your do.

Cut the Wedding Cake – Not Literally

You may also want to weigh up whether you really want to opt for a fancy, pricey wedding cake. Sure, they make a great centrepiece, but with the average cost of a wedding cake in the UK being between £300 and £500, can you afford to splurge on it just for tradition’s sake? Again, once you think outside the box you may come up with an alternative that is not only cheaper but that you actually prefer. Consider serving your favourite desert for a quirky and original wedding feast; some couples have chosen to serve artisan doughnuts, waffle sundaes or even home made pop tarts. Trust us, your guests will thank you for offering them something unusual and memorable.

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