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Entertainment has typically been a big cost at weddings. Not only does this trend show no signs of slowing down, but a recent survey has found that couples are now splashing out more money than ever before on music.

Man Dancing In Top Hat At Wedding Party

According to Bridebrook, in 2018 the tunes – whether played by a band or DJ – came on average at a cost of £1,039. Now no one is suggesting that brides and grooms should cut this expenditure. Instead, couples should take precautions to ensure that their choice of catering complements the entertainment. With this in mind, here’s how the food could spoil the dancing.


A mammoth three-course meal will risk leaving your guests feeling sluggish. They won’t even have a choice if it’s a sit-down meal, as plate after plate will be brought to them. Who’d feel like dancing after that? Thankfully, if you allow people to choose their own portions – perhaps from the likes of baked potato van hire. You should find that they’re still able to get up and bust a move after eating.


The average wedding guest now expects a certain level of entertainment – hence why the cost of music is so high! You can keep up with the high standard if you’re clever when choosing your catering options.

bride being served fish and chip by husband at fish and chip van

For instance, if you opt for something tasty yet affordable – like fish and chip van hire – you shouldn’t find that the food budget has cut into how much you can spend on the entertainment.


The entertainment at your wedding will no doubt have been chosen with the aim of helping guests loosen up and relax. This is unlikely to happen though if you’ve opted for a rather regimented meal. One where people aren’t given much choice to move around or choose from different dishes. This just increases the likelihood that your guests won’t feel the urge to dance to the music at your wedding because they’ll feel restricted.

Be careful!

There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe with your wedding food. If you’re keen to serve up the right grub before your guests hit the dance-floor, be sure to check out the options available at KK Catering.

Your wedding should be the happiest day of your life. Sadly, all too often brides and grooms find themselves trying to put a smile on other people’s faces when planning their big day. Even if it goes against what they really want.

This isn’t how it’s meant to be. Instead, you shouldn’t be afraid to put your own needs first.  Whether it’s with the venue, the date or, of course, the catering. With this in mind, here are three reasons why you and your betrothed should be at the centre of every decision you make when choosing the food for your wedding.


Never forget that it’s you who foots the bill. In fact, recent surveys have found that brides and grooms are picking up the tab more so than at other time in history.

family budget, finances and people concept - couple with papers and calculator counting money at home

Wedding planning site Hitched have just determined that two out of five couples don’t receive any financial help from family when getting married. Be sure to bear this in mind when you come across affordable options,  such as fish and chip van hire. That would suit you and your betrothed perfectly.


Can you actually please everyone? No, not really. After all, Hitched has found that an average of 106 guests now attend the typical wedding reception. There’s no way that you can put a smile on all these people’s faces.

So why not make sure that you and your better half are sorted instead? The chances are that as long as you’re happy with the likes of burger van hire, then everyone else will be too.


Keep in mind that’s it’s you who will remember your wedding day for the rest of your life. Other people will have their own. So the memories you make when you say ‘I do’ will be cherished mostly by you and your new spouse.

Beautiful young bride and groom on a meadow in the evening, holding sparklers.

With this in mind, feel free to throw caution to the wind and choose a catering option that you won’t regret in years to come.


Happily Ever After…

Now that you know the focus should be on you when deciding upon the food for your wedding. Be sure to check out the wide variety of catering options available at KK Catering.

Three ways a stand-up meal will actually benefit guests at your wedding
It’s understandable that brides and grooms will want guests to enjoy themselves on their wedding day. After all, those in attendance play a big part in making it special – which is probably why recent statistics show that the average wedding reception now features more than 100 guests!

The question is: will a sit-down meal really suffice as a way to reward all those friends and family who have made the effort to come? Not always. Here are three ways that you’ll find a stand-up meal can actually benefit guests at your wedding.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that guests taking a few minutes off their feet is likely to give them more energy later on in the evening. In actual fact, taking a seat for an extended amount of time can actually make people feel tired and lethargic – especially when eating.

Close up of mini burger with cheese and salad on a delicious bread spanish tapas ready to serve

Instead, you’ll find that they’ve got a more consistent spring in their step if they can eat something stood up that’s been served from the likes of burger van hire.


Instructing everyone to sit-down can actually ruin the atmosphere on your wedding day. In just a second’s notice, everything can suddenly begin to feel overly stuffy and rather rigid. Meanwhile, a catering option like fish and chip van hire will ensure that you don’t run the risk of ruining the relaxed mood on your special day.


You will, of course, want all your guests to mingle. Sadly, the chances of this happening are slim when people have to sit down for a meal.

Canape with smoked salmon and cream cheese on plate, selective focus, low angle view

They go from having a room full of people with which to laugh and socialise with, to now only having those who they’re sat next to on the table. This really doesn’t bode well for when you try to get everyone up for dancing later on.

There’s an answer…

It’s clear that both you and your guests have a lot to gain from a catering option that allows everyone to stay on their feet during the festivities. If you’re keen to book one of our mobile food vans for your wedding, be sure to get in touch with us at KK Catering.

It takes the average bride and groom 20 months to put together their dream wedding. It’s during this time when they’ll make important decisions about the date, the venue and the dress.

These are details, of course, that they might make without much outside involvement. However, should couples be consulting with people further afield when it comes to the catering options for their big day?

This is certainly something that many brides and grooms wrestle with, especially since it will be their guests – typically over 100 people according to recent surveys – who will be tucking into the food. Let’s look at three ways to approach this conundrum if you’re about to tie the knot.

Don’t Consult

BrideBook recently determined that the bride is in some way responsible for 98% of the decisions made about her wedding. Meanwhile, the groom is behind 81% of the planning. This suggests that most couples are comfortable to just follow their instincts when it comes to their special day.

Wedding & Event Catering Services | 

Do you think that your guests will be happy with pie and mash van hire? If you do then don’t second-guess yourself because you’re more than likely right.

Ask Family

It seems that the only outside opinion that brides and grooms really value is that of their family. In particular, BrideBook has found that the mother of the bride has the most outside influence on a wedding, with her throwing her two cents into 44% of the planning.

Meanwhile, non-relations are typically consulted on just 10% of the decisions.

Dietary Requirements

The only thing you really need to know is whether someone on your guest list has any dietary requirements. After all, there are countless safe options, such as fish and chip van hire – to choose from. So you shouldn’t have any issues picking a universally loved dish if you’re looking in the right places. 

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Rather than giving people too much say on your big day, a simple question about what they can and cannot eat is better than letting them cast judgment on the food you’re thinking about providing.

Good Luck!

Don’t worry, the catering will fall into place before you know it – especially with so many lovely options to choose from at KK Catering. Whether you’ve made up your mind alone or consulted with others, be sure to get in touch to see how we can add to your special day.

Stop Overspending On Wedding Food | Blog

Nobody ever said that planning a wedding would be easy – but starting your married life in debt isn’t the solution. Unfortunately, this is the outcome many now face according to a new survey by BrideBook.

The wedding planning website has just found that 17% of couples consider managing a budget to be the hardest part of putting their wedding together. Even more alarmingly, 33% admitted that they overspent when it came to the food and drink. Let’s look at three reasons why brides and grooms are mistakenly forking out a fortune on the catering for their big day.

Style Over Substance

Couples naturally value style when it comes to their wedding. After all, the dress must look stunning, the venue must be spacious and the first dance must be flawless. When it comes to the catering though, it should be more about substance.

Pie & Mash Catering | KK

Expensive food might look particularly tasteful, but it tends to lack much substance. Meanwhile, something along the lines of pie and mash van hire is more likely to leave guests satisfied as well as pinching those pennies.

Locked Into Tradition

There are some traditions that have been preserved over the years, such as the bride wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to these. On the other hand, many catering traditions flew out of the window many years ago. It’s now perfectly acceptable to enlist the services of a burger van rather than stick to pricey, worn-out options like chicken or fish.

Unaware Of Options

The world is your oyster when it comes to the cuisine that can be served at a wedding. Guests can enjoy delicacies from places such as India, Greece and Germany while incurring very little cost in the process.

Little India Food Truck | KK

The right catering company will be happy to provide a range of exciting options for brides and grooms to choose from – so prepare to dig into the goodies from a little Indian food van hire!

Now You Know!

Don’t let your budget slip away from you by falling into one of these traps. Instead, you and your guests can enjoy affordable – yet extremely satisfying – food thanks to the help of KK Catering. Get in touch to find out about the fantastic ranges available.