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Arm yourselves, people. The most important event of the summer is only months away! That’s right, National Fish and Chips day is coming on June 3rd, here is how to celebrate in style with fish and chips this summer!

When you think of deliciously crispy batter and salt and vinegar sprinkled chips, your brain might conjure up images of the Great British seaside, huddled against the cold and rain, praying a seagull doesn’t choose your dinner for his own. But there is a better way.

fish and chip van hire birthday party

You’ll be the hit of any big party if you decide that instead of a stuffy, sit-down dinner, you bring out a fish and chips van, delivering fresh, delicious food all night long. Saying your vows at a wedding? Celebrating a birthday? Fish and chips are a brilliant addition to any event, no matter how formal.

Fish & Chips A British Classic

According to the National Federation of Fish Fryers, fish and chips have been around in the UK since 1860 and spread rapidly through the industrialising cities of Manchester and London as hot, nutritious and easy to get meal for factory workers. Some have even claimed that this Great British dish helped win the First and Second World War- fish and potatoes were not rationed during the wars and so kept the soldiers and those working on the home front and the factories fed and energised. Winston Churchill even called the classic dish a ‘good companion’.

couple holding fish and chips next to catering van

In the 21st century we’re still big fans, with around 10,500 business selling the dish all over the United Kingdom. So it makes sense to include this well-loved favourite in your next big party or event. No more fussy eaters, no more worrying over who will eat which dish and who won’t. Fish and chips have proven, time and time again, to be one of the nation’s favourite meals.

Book Your Fish & Chip Van Now

And besides, nobody wants a party that’s immediately forgotten once you leave, do they? With a fish and chip van serving out delicious portions of this classic meal- for a fraction of a price to other caterers- everyone will be talking about your party for weeks to come. No one forgets something as unique and exciting as fish and chip van hire.

The ‘first dance’ is a wedding tradition that dates all the way back to 16th century Europe. It’s had many incarnations, now ranging from slow movements between newlyweds to the entire wedding party busting out a pre-rehearsed routine.

Couple dancing at wedding

According to Brides Magazine, it’s most common to happen after guests have eaten – meaning the catering actually plays a big part in whether it’s a hit or a miss. With this in mind, let’s look at three ways the food can be the key to whether or not you have a successful first dance on your wedding day.


Food – especially the right food – has the power to make you happy! This is obviously very important if you want to have a spring in your step during the first dance. If you’ve just savoured a slice of heaven from pizza van hire, you’ll certainly have something to dance about when you stand up in front of your guests. After all, you should feel looser and better prepared to throw some shapes.


You need to have high energy levels for your first dance – especially if you’re going modern and choosing a fast-paced routine. Your wedding day can be long and tiring, what with getting up early and spending hours getting ready before the ceremony even begins.

bride and groom with fish and chips on wedding day

If you choose something with plenty of substance – perhaps the delights from burger van hire – it will give you newfound energy by the time you hit the dance floor.


If you sit down for a lavish multi-course meal you are likely to feel slightly sluggish afterwards. In fact, an elaborate dance might be the furthest thing from your mind! Luckily, smaller meals – such as a portion of fish and chips – won’t be overbearing. You can eat as much or as little as you feel is necessary before the time comes to wow your guests with your dance moves.

It’s almost time!


Your first dance is a once in a lifetime kind of thing – so you’ll want to make sure you blow people away! If you’re keen to let the food be your secret weapon for this, be sure to check out the catering options available at KK Catering.

The Italians use the phrase ‘al fresco’ to describe the act of dining outside. It’s a popular way to eat overseas – and it could be a great way for your guests to eat too! If you’re holding an event soon and are banking on the weather being pleasant, then you can’t go wrong with treating your guests to an outdoor meal. Whether you’re weighing up burger van hire, fish and chips, pie and mash, or many other catering options, here are three benefits of eating outside for your guests.


Your choice of venue needn’t be a constraint if you opt for a catering option that can be served outside. It means that you and your guests can make the most of the additional space. Without having to be packed in within the same four walls.

bride and groom with fish and chips at there wedding

This isn’t just helpful from a practical standpoint. It can also go some length to ensuring that people are able to relax and feel comfortable at your event.


Do you know that it’s been found that food actually tastes better when you eat it outside? This is because the fresh air makes us more present, in the process giving us the ability to get a more heightened sense of taste from our meals. Pizzas, for instance, are delicious. But they’re especially tasty when consumed outside by someone who’s just been served a heavenly slice from a mobile food van.


Your duty as host is to tend to your guests’ needs. What’s a better way to do this than by keeping them healthy? According to a Japanese study published in 2009, outside elements – such as trees and plants – give off health-boosting phytoncides that heighten the immune system.

A baked potato van from kkcatering

Team this with the fact that your super tasty dishes can reduce a person’s stress levels. You can be confident that your guests arrive and leave in tiptop shape!

What a great idea!

You won’t regret choosing a catering option which ensures your guests can make the most of the great outdoors during your event. For more information on different dishes that you could offer, be sure to check out KK Catering.



Summer is right around the corner – and it’s about to mark the start of wedding season! According to You and Your Wedding, the most popular month to get hitched in is August.

The popularity of the month is closely followed by June and July. What does this prove? Well, that people like to tie the knot when the weather is likely to be nice. The high temperatures, however, don’t mean that you shouldn’t serve warm food at your reception. After all, there are many benefits to choosing a hot catering option. Let’s look at three reasons why your wedding guests deserve warm food… even when it’s summer!


bride kissing groom at fish and chip van

You’ll be able to build excitement for your choice of catering if it’s hot. This is because warmed up foods emanate much more airborne particles than those which are served cold.

This process alerts people to food before they’ve even been served. The anticipation is just an added kick your guests will get from the food before they’ve even had the chance to try it.


The warming effect that’s provided from hot food has been found to increase the level of satisfaction that a person gets when eating.

In a nutshell, the likes of pie and mash van hire increases the temperature of the brain and makes people feel much happier as they chow down on the dish in front of them.


More effort typically goes into making warm food than making cold food. This will make a difference to those who have taken the time and effort to attend your wedding.

Bride and groom with their street food |

The likes of burger van hire (which will feature food made with love) should be evidence that you’ve chosen a catering option intended to put a smile on their face rather than going for a more simplistic option, like a salad.

Explore Your Options!

KK Catering provide a wide range of warm food options that would be perfect to be served at your wedding this summer. As you keep your fingers crossed for glorious weather, be sure to consider all warm food options by getting in touch with us today.

Your wedding is the happiest day of your life, so surely it’s worth going into debt over – right? Wrong. According to a rather unsettling survey carried out by MoneyWise, 23% of couples are prepared to borrow money ahead of getting hitched. Especially if it moves them one step closer to their dream wedding.

While it’s understandably tempting to do so, it’s certainly not the best plan of action. Let’s look at three reasons why your wedding isn’t worth going into debt over.


Money worries have been directly linked to stress, anxiety, and depression. These feelings can start to accumulate from the moment you borrow cash – and they are unlikely to disappear by the time you walk down the aisle.

couple with papers and calculator at home
family budget, finances and people concept – couple with papers and calculator counting money at home

If anything, you could feel like you’re tying the knot with a dark cloud over your head. Ultimately feeling unhappy on your special day because you’re worrying about paying back what you’ve been loaned.

Fresh start

Marriage should mark the beginning of the rest of your life. With that in mind, do you really want to start it with debt? You and your betrothed won’t be able to enjoy just being husband and wife because your main objective will be trying to climb out of debt.

Your big plans (buying a house, taking a honeymoon, starting a family etc.) might have to take a backseat to becoming debt-free. And there’s no telling how long this could take!


There’s really no need to have to borrow money before saying ‘I do’. After all, it’s more than possible to stick to a reasonable budget if you’re careful. Take, for example, the catering.

Pie & Mash Van Hire |

The likes of pie and mash van hire aren’t just tasty, but also affordable. This option – along with many other mobile food van choices – should put a smile on your face while also keeping you out of the red.

Forget about debt

KK Catering offers a range of catering options that will ensure you can steer well clear of debt. Whether you fancy serving up fish and chips, burgers or many other exciting dishes, be sure to get in touch to hear what affordable food can be provided for your wedding.