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Blog Title: Celebrate Fish & Chips This Summer

Arm yourselves, people. The most important event of the summer is only months away! That’s right, National Fish and Chips day is coming this June , here is how to celebrate in style with fish and chips this summer!

When you think of deliciously crispy batter and salt and vinegar sprinkled chips, your brain might conjure up images of the Great British seaside, huddled against the cold and rain, praying a seagull doesn’t choose your dinner for his own. But there is a better way.

fish and chip van hire birthday party

You’ll be the hit of any big party if you decide that instead of a stuffy, sit-down dinner, you bring out a fish and chips van, delivering fresh, delicious food all night long. Saying your vows at a wedding? Celebrating a birthday? Fish and chips are a brilliant addition to any event, no matter how formal.

Fish & Chips A British Classic

According to the National Federation of Fish Fryers, fish and chips have been around in the UK since 1860 and spread rapidly through the industrialising cities of Manchester and London as hot, nutritious and easy to get meal for factory workers. Some have even claimed that this Great British dish helped win the First and Second World War- fish and potatoes were not rationed during the wars and so kept the soldiers and those working on the home front and the factories fed and energised. Winston Churchill even called the classic dish a ‘good companion’.

couple holding fish and chips next to catering van

In the 21st century we’re still big fans, with around 10,500 business selling the dish all over the United Kingdom. So it makes sense to include this well-loved favourite in your next big party or event. No more fussy eaters, no more worrying over who will eat which dish and who won’t. Fish and chips have proven, time and time again, to be one of the nation’s favourite meals.

Book Your Fish & Chip Van Now

And besides, nobody wants a party that’s immediately forgotten once you leave, do they? With a fish and chip van serving out delicious portions of this classic meal- for a fraction of a price to other caterers- everyone will be talking about your party for weeks to come. No one forgets something as unique and exciting as fish and chip van hire.

Event & Wedding Caterers |

Are you planning an autumn or winter wedding? Peak wedding season may have passed along with the warm summer days, but an autumn or winter wedding can be a beautiful event. Gorgeous autumn colours make the perfect backdrop for your wedding snaps. It’s also a great excuse to enjoy some good old-fashioned comfort food.

Banish the blues

When the weather gets colder, nobody wants fancy finger food at a wedding! What your guests probably crave more than anything is something delicious, warming and filling to banish the winter blues and get the celebrations underway. Who doesn’t want pie and mash to warm them up? Can you resist a crisp-skinned, fluffy inside jacket potato with all the trimmings when it’s cold outside?

Perk up with pizza

Imagine it – the crisp pizza base, the rich sauce, the melted cheese oozing as it comes out of the oven. Pizza is the perfect winter wedding food, and pizza van hire for weddings is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Pizza Van Hire & Event Catering |

One survey has found that pepperoni is the nation’s favourite, closely followed by the classic Margherita – the topping possibilities are endless, so what would be your first choice?

Burgers for all

Forget dainty canapés at your autumn or winter wedding. Who doesn’t love a good burger when the celebratory beers and wine are flowing?

Burger van hire is the perfect way to celebrate – from Angus beef to crispy chicken, pick the filling of your choice and layer it up with sizzling onions, melting cheese, crisp lettuce and an incredible array of sauces. Only question is, how many toppings can you pile in before you can’t get your mouth round it?

Turn up the heat

When it’s cold outside, something hot and spicy can be just the ticket. Once you’ve finished the outdoor photos and need some comfort food to warm you up, why not add some South American sunshine with burrito van hire?

Buritto Van Hire |

Soft tortilla wraps, 12-hour smoked pulled pork and all the sauces and trimmings you can throw at it. Don’t forget the nachos!

Winter’s a great excuse (if any were needed) for some good comfort grub. Check out our website for all the incredible catering vans you could hire for your winter wedding, and prepare to celebrate in style!

You’ve picked out the dress, you know what the cake looks like, and you’ve even narrowed down your guest list… so once you’ve decided who is coming to your wedding ceremony and to the wedding breakfast, what else is left to decide?

How many people?

Well, many brides often struggle with the question of how exactly to cater for their evening event. It’s now extremely common to invite a large number of guests to join the main wedding party, at an evening event. What isn’t always clear though, is whether you need to provide food during this – and if you do, what kind of food should you provide, and for how many people?

Most wedding planners agree that a buffet should cater for around 75% of all your guests

Ditch the Buffet

A traditional option is a standard buffet, with a range of cold finger foods that guests can pick at, in between enjoying the disco and exploring the rest of the venue. These buffets can often be disappointing though, with a tired selection of quiche and cold chicken legs, with wilting salad and droopy garnishes.

Modern brides are increasingly opting for more unusual wedding evening catering – from fish and chip vans, to noodle bars and gourmet burger vans.

How much Food?

Once you’ve chosen the type of evening catering you want for your wedding, you’re still left with the difficult conundrum as to how much food to order for your guests. The advice given on how many guests you should be catering for does vary, significantly, depending on who you ask.

Some venues insist that catering covers a full portion for every single guest – to avoid any negative perception of the venue if the food did run out.

More conservative estimates suggest catering for 80-85% of the guests, particularly if many of them were present at your early meal at your daytime event – meaning they may want slightly less food in the evening. This is also potentially a good option if you are expecting a large number of invited guests not to show up on the day.

We say 95% – 100% for our Food Units

The most sensible advice is to cater for at least 90% – and probably closer to 95%, if you are expecting a large number of evening guests who weren’t present at your daytime meal. 95% should be enough to ensure that you don’t run out of food – avoiding stress and embarrassment for the bride and groom – but it also allows you to reduce the food wastage.

For peace of mind, you may still wish to opt for 100% catering, especially if you have chosen an exciting, unusual option like a Mexican Burritos, Pie and Mash or a fish and chip van, which are likely to have a high uptake from your guests compared to a standard buffet.

Providing your evening wedding guests with a quirky meal like fish and chips will attract 95-100% of your guests

When Mark and Hannah from Manchester decided to renew their wedding vows after 10 years, Hannah decided that she would like to offer healthy options for her guests.

Alot of Hannah’s friends are pals from her weight watchers meetings so it seemed fitting to keep the menu options for their wedding renewal healthy and in keeping with their way of life.

Our baked potato mobile catering van offered the following menu throughout the evening

Oven baked potato or potato wedges served with


Baked beans

Chilli con carne

Light Grated cheddar

Tuna Mayo light

Low fat Coleslaw

All served with a side salad.

Mark and hannah’s guests loved the idea of waiting in line for their oven baked potato while looking at our digital menu advertising the fillings available to choose from.

The health benefits of baked potatoes and the low calorie content help make a mobile baked potato van one of the healthiest options for the following events

Birthday parties

Wedding catering

Wedding vow renewals

Corporate catering


Race nights

Quiz nights

Our baked potato van arrived 2 hours before service was required so that we could start to cook the potatoes beforehand ready for a fast and efficient service, on average the baked potato van can serve around 150 servings per hour.

If you would like to hire a mobile baked potato van or trailer for your wedding, party or event catering then call KK Catering on 0844 740 5001 or fill in the below for a quote.

The sun was out as a tidal wave of pink descended on Wrexham for the annual race for life 2013.

Over 1500 ladies, children and men wore fancy dress and wore pink to raise money for cancer research uk.

With race goers arriving early in the morning for the warm up and the heart fm team on site to complete the entertainment, The race day cafe from KK Catering was on site to offer spectators and charity runners the mobile event catering.

The race day cafe served the charity runners a tasty wide and varied event menu with many healthy options including

Strawberry yogurt and granola

Oats so simple

Tomato and basil pastav

Angus beef burgers

Breakfast baps

Tea and coffee.

Once the charity race started and 1500 charity runners took to the course, the race day cafe from KK catering served hundreds of spectators tasty and healthy food options.

With the sun shining the morning really was a fantastic event and here’s to a successful summer working with cancer research uk, a fantastic charity.