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Pizza is hardly known as traditional wedding food. But why should that stop you from serving it on your big day? If the happiest day of your life is right around the corner, it’s time that you realised how pizza – and many other non-traditional dishes – could be perfect for you and your guests. In case you need your arm twisting, let’s look at three great reasons to serve pizza at your wedding.


Who doesn’t love pizza? Very few people it turns out. According to the government’s 2017 National Food Survey, more people are eating pizza than ever before in the UK.

In fact, the average person now chows down on 75 grams of pizza each week! Due to this, you can bet that your guests won’t be disappointed to see that you’ve chosen pizza van hire to supply the catering for your wedding.


There are endless options when it comes to pizza toppings. While you might be partial to the likes of buffalo chicken on yours, others might instead prefer a more simplistic margarita. This is only taking into account personal preference and doesn’t factor in dietary requirements, which can also be catered for with pizza. Ultimately, you’re making sure that every guest is served a meal that they can actually enjoy.


Don’t be fooled by its reputation; pizza can indeed be healthy. Meat toppings, for instance, provide a substantial source of protein. Meanwhile, those with vegetables on can be rather nutritious. In terms of your wedding, pizzas can sometimes have the power to reduce hangovers for your guests.

Group of people waiting for pizza at a self service pizza bar

In 2017, a Pizza Express survey revealed: “Such nutrients also help to reduce tiredness and fatigue, one of the key problems after a night of partying.”

Feeling hungry?

Just the thought of serving pizza at your wedding will probably make you feel hungry. That’s without mentioning all the other tasty food vans that you can choose from at KK Catering. If you’re weighing up your options ahead of your big day, be sure to get in touch to hear about all our exciting and affordable catering options.

January can be a bleak month for many. After an indulgent festive period, filled with rich foods and celebrations, many opt to abstain from indulging too much, committing to strict diets for their new year’s resolutions or choosing to take part in ‘veganuary’ and becoming vegan for the month of January.

When Is National Pie Day

With blue Monday usually falling on the third Monday of January, allegedly the most depressing day of the year, and dry January meaning that many choose to skip their usual weekend tipple.

Pie & Mash Van Hire |

National Pie day on January 23rd is perhaps the perfect excuse to have a brief break from the constrictions you have committed yourself to for this austere and dreary month. Getting people together for some warming comfort food and a party is undoubtedly one of the best ways to overcome the January blues.


Who Invented It?

National Pie Day is an international annual celebration of pies, and all of their merits. Invented by Charlie Papazian – an American nuclear engineer, brewer and author. He declared his birthday – 23rd of January to be National pie day, and since 1986, this celebration has been sponsored by the American Pie Council.

This international celebration of the pie might be the perfect opportunity for you to offer your employees a morale-boosting and motivational reward for all of their hard work the previous year, and what better way to celebrate National Pie day, than with a British classic – pie and mash. Maybe a busy festive period left no time for a Christmas party in December, so you’re looking for an (albeit slightly late) alternative time and excuse to throw an event.

Pie & Mash Van Hire

KK Catering offer Pie and mash van hire for any celebration, offering you an easy and stress-free way to ensure that your guests’ appetites are sated, with minimal hassle.

Pie & Mash Van Hire |

Street food and mobile catering is perhaps one of the most sociable means of event catering. With guests able to collect food as they please, in their own time without interrupting the social chat, announcements, speeches, dancing, and any other fun or highlights at your event, allowing it to run smoothly and ensuring that everyone has a great time.

A YouGov poll recently determined that the average Brit’s ideal temperature is around 21 degrees. This, of course, isn’t practical when you’re holding an event in the winter and are keen for your friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues to venture out to it.

Let’s not forget the fact that your winter event might also have to take a backseat to Christmas – a recent Bobatoo survey found that 53% of people leave their Christmas shopping to November, while a further 24% don’t make a start until December. So, how can you entice people to your gathering when the odds are against you this winter? The food, that’s how. Here’s how the catering can ensure that your guests RSVP ‘yes’ to your event this winter.


It will surely be attractive to some people that you’re the one footing the bill for the food. Thankfully, you need not be out of pocket even when you’re feeding numerous mouths. Instead, you can save cash by choosing an affordable yet scrumptious meal with an option like burger van hire.

Burger Van Hire |

It will be a great positive for your guests that the delicious food isn’t costing them a penny.


You just can’t beat the lure of a stand up meal during the winter. The right catering option – whether it’s a Mexican burrito bar or fish and chip van hire – will provide a much more leisurely setting for people to enjoy their food. It ultimately gives them the chance to socialise and enjoy the delicious food at their own pace during what’s typically a busy time of year.


Eating is, of course, a necessity. Since it’s what’s needed to give people energy, a hearty meal can be very attractive to some over the winter.

Winter Catering |

Take, for instance, pie and mash van hire. It’s a substantial meal that will keep people warm and full of life during a time of year when multiple social gatherings can leave them lacking energy.

The Answer Is Clear!

Don’t you think that it’s time you started thinking about what food will entice people to your event this winter? If you’re keen to guarantee that there’ll be plenty of guests showing up rather than skipping out, be sure to check out the amazing catering options at KK Catering.



It might seem odd to be talking about Christmas party planning when we haven’t even reached the end of September yet, but you’d be surprised how quickly things get booked up over the Christmas period! If you want to plan the perfect office Christmas party that leaves your team buzzing well into the new year, read on…

Put someone in charge of the party

We all have that one person in the office who LOVES to plan a party. Don’t fight it, and don’t try to make it a committee job, just let them run the show!

Office Christmas Party Planning |

With one person in charge, you can cut down on miscommunications and guarantee that everything will be ready on the night. They can always delegate tasks as needed, but there should always be one point of contact who knows what’s what!

Guesstimate numbers

People might confirm now and then flake at the last minute, or they might say they can’t make it and then show up with all their friends in tow. Trying to get accurate numbers for a Christmas party is impossible, so make a rough estimate that is little higher than conservative.

Be clear in the invites

No one likes showing up at a formal party wearing jeans. It’s almost as mortifying as showing up to a casual party in a ball gown. Make sure you’re clear in the invite what kind of party it is and what your guests can expect.

Office Christmas Party Catering |

Is it just for staff to have a big blow out, or will you be inviting clients and making it a kind of networking event? Don’t leave out any big surprises that could ruin the night for your team.

Structure the night

People want an event, so make sure there is some structure to the evening. You could start with a sit-down meal, clear the tables to make way for the dance-floor and then have some entertainment to spice things up. Keep it varied to make sure there is something for everyone, and don’t centre everything around booze. By all means have a dance floor and DJ, but you could also set up a video games station or giant lawn games to keep those who aren’t fussed about dancing entertained.

Don’t let anyone go hungry

One of the best parts of Christmas is the abundance of food and your office Christmas party should be no different! There should always be food available for those who get peckish throughout the night, even if it’s just a snack table full of nibbles. Your party goers will also appreciate a late night pick-me-up, so why not look for a burger van hire to send everyone home on a cheerful note?

If you’re interested in inviting our street food vans to your next event, whether it’s a pizza van hire or pie and mash van hire, get in touch with our friendly team today!

Are you one of the 3.5 million people in the UK who now identify as vegan? Have you adopted a plant-based lifestyle and want to have a vegetarian wedding?

Whether you choose to stay true to your beliefs and values and stay strictly green or want to cater for the meat eaters among your friends and family, catering your wedding with food trucks could be the savvy way to satisfy everyone.

To meat or not to meat?

Whether you’re new to a plant-based diet or you’re a lifelong vegan, one of the hardest decisions for a veggie bride is whether to allow meat or not. After all, this is your special day so shouldn’t Uncle Bob be able to do without a bacon butty for 24 hours? Besides, there are so many truly delicious vegetarian and vegan alternatives out there that will satisfy any appetite.

Vegetarian Wedding Food |

The problem is that no one wants to plan a wedding where the guests complain about not enjoying the food. And if that means providing meat for the carnivores should you bite the bullet and serve it up? See the website for all different food units, but one solution might be stone baked pizza van hire which offers plenty of delicious vegetarian options. After all, true Italian pizza is simply marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese and it’s no less delicious for that.

A feast for all

If you have made the decision to go vegan and live a meat and cheese free life, how do you create a feast that embraces everyone? Don’t think of your menu as preaching to the unconverted – instead, look at it as an opportunity to show friends and family how delicious a vegan diet can be.

Vegetarian Catering |

A good place to start is the foods of Asia which are often naturally vegetarian and vegan yet offer familiar flavours that everyone loves – so much that they won’t miss the meat. After all who can resist a bowl of piping hot noodles fresh from the wok? We have various food units including a noodle bar and worldwide street food food truck that will satisfy all your guests from gluten free grannies to flexitarian fish eaters while enjoying the plant-based cuisine you love.