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Entertainment has typically been a big cost at weddings. Not only does this trend show no signs of slowing down, but a recent survey has found that couples are now splashing out more money than ever before on music.

Man Dancing In Top Hat At Wedding Party

According to Bridebrook, in 2018 the tunes – whether played by a band or DJ – came on average at a cost of £1,039. Now no one is suggesting that brides and grooms should cut this expenditure. Instead, couples should take precautions to ensure that their choice of catering complements the entertainment. With this in mind, here’s how the food could spoil the dancing.


A mammoth three-course meal will risk leaving your guests feeling sluggish. They won’t even have a choice if it’s a sit-down meal, as plate after plate will be brought to them. Who’d feel like dancing after that? Thankfully, if you allow people to choose their own portions – perhaps from the likes of baked potato van hire. You should find that they’re still able to get up and bust a move after eating.


The average wedding guest now expects a certain level of entertainment – hence why the cost of music is so high! You can keep up with the high standard if you’re clever when choosing your catering options.

bride being served fish and chip by husband at fish and chip van

For instance, if you opt for something tasty yet affordable – like fish and chip van hire – you shouldn’t find that the food budget has cut into how much you can spend on the entertainment.


The entertainment at your wedding will no doubt have been chosen with the aim of helping guests loosen up and relax. This is unlikely to happen though if you’ve opted for a rather regimented meal. One where people aren’t given much choice to move around or choose from different dishes. This just increases the likelihood that your guests won’t feel the urge to dance to the music at your wedding because they’ll feel restricted.

Be careful!

There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe with your wedding food. If you’re keen to serve up the right grub before your guests hit the dance-floor, be sure to check out the options available at KK Catering.

Your wedding should be the happiest day of your life. Sadly, all too often brides and grooms find themselves trying to put a smile on other people’s faces when planning their big day. Even if it goes against what they really want.

This isn’t how it’s meant to be. Instead, you shouldn’t be afraid to put your own needs first.  Whether it’s with the venue, the date or, of course, the catering. With this in mind, here are three reasons why you and your betrothed should be at the centre of every decision you make when choosing the food for your wedding.


Never forget that it’s you who foots the bill. In fact, recent surveys have found that brides and grooms are picking up the tab more so than at other time in history.

family budget, finances and people concept - couple with papers and calculator counting money at home

Wedding planning site Hitched have just determined that two out of five couples don’t receive any financial help from family when getting married. Be sure to bear this in mind when you come across affordable options,  such as fish and chip van hire. That would suit you and your betrothed perfectly.


Can you actually please everyone? No, not really. After all, Hitched has found that an average of 106 guests now attend the typical wedding reception. There’s no way that you can put a smile on all these people’s faces.

So why not make sure that you and your better half are sorted instead? The chances are that as long as you’re happy with the likes of burger van hire, then everyone else will be too.


Keep in mind that’s it’s you who will remember your wedding day for the rest of your life. Other people will have their own. So the memories you make when you say ‘I do’ will be cherished mostly by you and your new spouse.

Beautiful young bride and groom on a meadow in the evening, holding sparklers.

With this in mind, feel free to throw caution to the wind and choose a catering option that you won’t regret in years to come.


Happily Ever After…

Now that you know the focus should be on you when deciding upon the food for your wedding. Be sure to check out the wide variety of catering options available at KK Catering.

It’s a universal constant – the majority of people absolutely love pizza. There are those who claim they don’t like pizza, but we don’t like to talk about those people. For the most part, pizza is a cheat code for the perfect event because you can guarantee smiles and happiness.

So, whatever you’re doing, a KK Catering pizza van should be present.

The Ideal Meal

Pizza is so brilliant because it’s versatile. Do you have a load of meat lovers? There’s a pizza for them! Do you have vegetarians or vegans? There’s a pizza for them! Do you have those infuriating people who don’t have a clue what they love? There’s even pizza for them too!

Delicious, easy to eat, quick, convenient – is there anything pizza can’t do? That versatility means that it’s ideal for a number of different events. Do you have a wedding that you’d like to cater in an “out of the box” way? If you’ll pardon the pun.

Pizza Van Catering |

Pizza is also a sensible option if you’re having a corporate or business event. What better way to help people bond than over a slice of freshly made pizza? It’s important to keep people smiling and well fed at these events. The pizza, as in all things, is your friend here.

Why Our Pizza’s A Cut Above The Crust

A Pizza from KK Catering offers you something a little more moreish and delicious than the traditional greasy pizza usually found at events. With us, you’ll get an authentically stone fired piece of deliciousness that could have come straight from Italy.

We’ve designed our van to cook the most delicious, fluffy, light pizzas you’ve ever had the pleasure of wrapping your lips around. We promise you that one bite is all it’ll take – you and your guests will be hooked. It’s the ideal way to make your event sizzle.

Pizza Van Hire |

Ingredients matter, too. We know this, and so do you. So we place special effort in making sure we’ve sourced a variety of the freshest ingredients available.

You know it’s true – a KK Catering pizza van is all you need for your event!


The average wedding guest list now comprises of 104 names – some of which will no doubt be children. This isn’t necessarily surprising when you consider that more and more couples already have kids by the time they get married. According to wedding planning site Confetti, 20% of brides and grooms were already proud parents when they tied the knot in 2017.

This means that it’s not always feasible to enforce a ‘no kids’ rule on your big day – even when you may want to. So what are your options? Well, you can ensure that the youngsters in attendance are well behaved simply by choosing the right food for your wedding. Here are three ways that the catering can settle the children on your guest list.


A hearty meal should provide children with enough energy to stay up beyond their bedtime. This is important because it means that the mums and dads at your wedding don’t have to bow out of the festivities early.

Fez our drive along fish and chip van

A pie and mash van, for example, could easily give the youngsters all the sustenance they need to remain composed until your wedding is drawing to a close.


Excessively fancy food won’t sit well with children. In fact, it probably won’t even sit well with the adults at your wedding. You should really be serving up grub that guests can get excited about, because this can keep people’s enthusiasm high for your big day. For instance, fish and chip van hire should make children’s eyes light up and keep them well invested in your wedding.


A sit-down meal can be a recipe for disaster when there are kids in attendance at your wedding.

Wedding and Event Catering |

Not only will it make them restless, but it can also isolate the parents who feel like they have to watch over their offspring rather than socialise and enjoy your wedding. Meanwhile, a mobile food van means that the children can go off and do their own thing instead of becoming restless at a table.

Don’t fret!

Thankfully, KK Catering can provide all the food options that will impress children and adults alike during your big day. For pizza van hire, burger van hire and more, get in touch to hear about all the amazing catering options available for your wedding.

Are you one of the 3.5 million people in the UK who now identify as vegan? Have you adopted a plant-based lifestyle and want to have a vegetarian wedding?

Whether you choose to stay true to your beliefs and values and stay strictly green or want to cater for the meat eaters among your friends and family, catering your wedding with food trucks could be the savvy way to satisfy everyone.

To meat or not to meat?

Whether you’re new to a plant-based diet or you’re a lifelong vegan, one of the hardest decisions for a veggie bride is whether to allow meat or not. After all, this is your special day so shouldn’t Uncle Bob be able to do without a bacon butty for 24 hours? Besides, there are so many truly delicious vegetarian and vegan alternatives out there that will satisfy any appetite.

Vegetarian Wedding Food |

The problem is that no one wants to plan a wedding where the guests complain about not enjoying the food. And if that means providing meat for the carnivores should you bite the bullet and serve it up? See the website for all different food units, but one solution might be stone baked pizza van hire which offers plenty of delicious vegetarian options. After all, true Italian pizza is simply marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese and it’s no less delicious for that.

A feast for all

If you have made the decision to go vegan and live a meat and cheese free life, how do you create a feast that embraces everyone? Don’t think of your menu as preaching to the unconverted – instead, look at it as an opportunity to show friends and family how delicious a vegan diet can be.

Vegetarian Catering |

A good place to start is the foods of Asia which are often naturally vegetarian and vegan yet offer familiar flavours that everyone loves – so much that they won’t miss the meat. After all who can resist a bowl of piping hot noodles fresh from the wok? We have various food units including a noodle bar and worldwide street food food truck that will satisfy all your guests from gluten free grannies to flexitarian fish eaters while enjoying the plant-based cuisine you love.