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We’ve all seen people posting pictures of elegant servings of food when at a fancy restaurant or a glitzy event. This, of course, might be one of the driving forces behind you wrestling with the idea of spending an arm and a leg on the catering at your wedding. However, there’s something you should know – wedding food doesn’t have to be social media-friendly!

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BrideBook’s newest survey has found that 30% of brides and grooms now ask guests to refrain from posting photos of their wedding day on social media. In fact, 13% even banned the use of social media altogether! So, with it being acceptable to say ‘no’ to sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on your big day, what catering options can be left on the table? Here are three to think about.


A meal like pie and mash might not be social media-worthy, but it will certainly be appealing to those couples looking to stay within budget. After all, wedding planning site Hitched recently determined that 65% of brides and grooms now go over budget when tying the knot. Why push yourself to the financial limit when you can just go with an affordable, delicious option like pie and mash van hire?


Who cares if a meal looks mind-blowingly attractive as long as it fills you up? In this regard, you can’t beat a burger van hire.

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It’s unlikely to have guests reaching for the camera, but you can guarantee it will leave them satisfied and full of energy to enjoy the rest of your big day.


The problem with choosing social media-friendly food is that you actually start catering to please a small group of people. Once you forget about this aim, you can choose a dish that everyone – including young children and the elderly – love, such as fish and chips. It’s a universally-adored catering option that will put a smile on the faces of everyone in attendance.

Good Luck!

Forget about social media on your wedding day! There are more important things to think about, such as arranging for a meal of substance to be served to your guests.

For help with this, be sure to check out KK Catering for a range of amazing options available to you and your betrothed.



Planning a wedding is one demanding task that can make your head spin. It’s likely that you’ve attended only a handful of weddings, making it tricky for you to plan your own. Studies indicate that 80% of embarrassing wedding moments come as a result of poor planning. So, how do you go about making your nuptials memorable for the right reasons?

Working out the Wedding budget

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How many guests are you planning to invite? Where do you intend to hold the wedding reception? Are there hotels that will give you offers and value for your money? It’s important to ask yourself such questions to guide you through the planning process. Knowing the number of guests you plan to invite to your wedding will help you to select a venue that will accommodate them. This will also help you to avoid hiring a venue that is too small or too large.

Meals and catering

Do you have guests who fancy fish? Our fish and chip van hire will solve the problem for you. We will simplify your meal plans by ensuring that the diverse needs of your guests are met. Our prices are pocket-friendly because we care for you and your loved one on this special, life-changing occasion. Besides food, a variety of drinks are available to cool down and refresh your guests.KKCatering Wedding Caterers

Your wedding will be more successful if your guests are well treated at the reception. Wondering where you will get the best catering services? We have you covered. We have myriad cuisines that will give your guests a real treat and help them treasure the memories of your wedding for a lifetime! Our burger van hire is at your service to supply your burger-loving guests with all types of delicious combinations. 

Tasty desserts

We live in a trendy world where everything is dynamic. Why not give your wedding a unique twist? You can break from the long tradition of ordering a normal wedding cake and replace it with our tasty cheesecake bar and write your own history on this special day!

Feel free to contact us for more details on all our catering units and food trucks.

A different way to cater for your wedding

A different way to cater your wedding

Every bridal couple wants to have a wedding that everyone is talking about for years to come. Once you have picked a knock-out dress (or suit), it’s time to organise that unforgettable feast. Whether you are a pie and mash lass or a pizza loving groom, you are planning a vintage wedding or want to go for retro-chic, KK Catering has the perfect option for you for a simple wedding menu.

Fast food fun

If you want your wedding to exude a laid-back homely vibe, you can’t go wrong with a fast food inspired food van. Choose between fish and chips, burgers or stone-baked pizza and move away from that sit-down, formal meal guests often expect from a wedding. With a simple wedding menu you can create an affordable flexible wedding.

Vintage weddings

Customer enjoying Pie and Mash

If you want your wedding to have that elegant yet fun ‘blast from the past’ feel, there are a couple of amazing options for you. A fish and chip van is a must for a summer vintage wedding, or, if you are planning a winter wedding, then a pie and mash van will fit perfectly into your theme.

Summer BBQ

For a perfect summer wedding, get that gazebo up and the BBQ cooking. We provide an incredible range of burgers including wild boar, Angus beef, chicken, venison and veggie. With our range of additions, from sauces to onions and salad, all your guests will be well-fed and happy.

Carvery Bar

If you are wanting to provide a hot meal for your guests with all the trimmings, then the Carvery Bar is the option for you. If you have picked a different venue for your wedding, then sitting down to a beautiful carvery meal will completely defy your guests’ expectations.

Around the world

One of our Mexican Street Food Units

If you are looking for something unexpected, or perhaps something that reminds you of your own home, then you could choose from a range of around the world street food, including our Mexican street food truck, our Little India, our Greek Souvlaki bar or our German Bavarian BBQ.

With all our world street food menu’s we offer plenty of menu’s for wedding food ideas on a budget


With a huge selection of tasty desserts such as Sticky toffee pudding , Belgium waffles, cheesecakes, and our crepes. Need we say more?

Whatever feast you are looking for, KK Catering has the perfect option for you. Get in touch today!

how much does a hog roast cost

How much does a hog roast cost?

A hog roast is the perfect food for all kinds of events and venues. It offers a truly British taste that will stand out and add novelty appeal to your wedding, birthday or event. A hog or pig will usually weigh around 80-120 pounds, however, and needs to be cooked for 4-8 hours to get the succulent and crispy taste that we all know and love. A hog roast will feed up to 120 people so it is perfect for those events where you have all the friends and family along, but if you don’t have enough people to enjoy it then you’ll still have to pay for the whole hog!

The hog roast can be limited because of the size of the hog. As it is so large the hog roast is usually the only option available at a wedding or party, which doesn’t leave much option for the vegetarians or religious guests to enjoy themselves. A hog roast can also often be prohibitively expensive because you have to buy the whole thing and you have to pay for someone to cook and tend it for 4-8 hours. That’s before they have to spend a day carving it too!

So what’s the cost effective alternative?

To get the great taste of a hog roast with lower volumes, more options and a lower cost you should look no further than KK Catering’s Carvery Bar. While a hog roast suits some guests, a carvery bar will provide options for all of the guests whether they are religious, vegan or vegetarian.

A carvery bar can also offer you with a more rounded meal as it’ll be served with a plate of vegetables and guests can enjoy a choice of meat mains. Guests will also get a more even experience from a carvery than they will from a hog. When carving a hog the choicest cuts will be on the outer layer of the hog, meaning that those at the back of the queue will be left feeling short-changed with a sub-standard bap. A carvery allows all of the guests to enjoy a more evenly cooked and succulent roast, however.

So what does a carvery bar cost?

A carvery bar will cost you a lot less than a hog roast and will offer you a better service for your do. The cost will depend on the number of guests, the venue, time of year, Location and other factors too, but you can get a quick quote from KK Catering today. Contact us here  to get a quick quote for your carvery bar.