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The ‘first dance’ is a wedding tradition that dates all the way back to 16th century Europe. It’s had many incarnations, now ranging from slow movements between newlyweds to the entire wedding party busting out a pre-rehearsed routine.

Couple dancing at wedding

According to Brides Magazine, it’s most common to happen after guests have eaten – meaning the catering actually plays a big part in whether it’s a hit or a miss. With this in mind, let’s look at three ways the food can be the key to whether or not you have a successful first dance on your wedding day.


Food – especially the right food – has the power to make you happy! This is obviously very important if you want to have a spring in your step during the first dance. If you’ve just savoured a slice of heaven from pizza van hire, you’ll certainly have something to dance about when you stand up in front of your guests. After all, you should feel looser and better prepared to throw some shapes.


You need to have high energy levels for your first dance – especially if you’re going modern and choosing a fast-paced routine. Your wedding day can be long and tiring, what with getting up early and spending hours getting ready before the ceremony even begins.

bride and groom with fish and chips on wedding day

If you choose something with plenty of substance – perhaps the delights from burger van hire – it will give you newfound energy by the time you hit the dance floor.


If you sit down for a lavish multi-course meal you are likely to feel slightly sluggish afterwards. In fact, an elaborate dance might be the furthest thing from your mind! Luckily, smaller meals – such as a portion of fish and chips – won’t be overbearing. You can eat as much or as little as you feel is necessary before the time comes to wow your guests with your dance moves.

It’s almost time!


Your first dance is a once in a lifetime kind of thing – so you’ll want to make sure you blow people away! If you’re keen to let the food be your secret weapon for this, be sure to check out the catering options available at KK Catering.

The Italians use the phrase ‘al fresco’ to describe the act of dining outside. It’s a popular way to eat overseas – and it could be a great way for your guests to eat too! If you’re holding an event soon and are banking on the weather being pleasant, then you can’t go wrong with treating your guests to an outdoor meal. Whether you’re weighing up burger van hire, fish and chips, pie and mash, or many other catering options, here are three benefits of eating outside for your guests.


Your choice of venue needn’t be a constraint if you opt for a catering option that can be served outside. It means that you and your guests can make the most of the additional space. Without having to be packed in within the same four walls.

bride and groom with fish and chips at there wedding

This isn’t just helpful from a practical standpoint. It can also go some length to ensuring that people are able to relax and feel comfortable at your event.


Do you know that it’s been found that food actually tastes better when you eat it outside? This is because the fresh air makes us more present, in the process giving us the ability to get a more heightened sense of taste from our meals. Pizzas, for instance, are delicious. But they’re especially tasty when consumed outside by someone who’s just been served a heavenly slice from a mobile food van.


Your duty as host is to tend to your guests’ needs. What’s a better way to do this than by keeping them healthy? According to a Japanese study published in 2009, outside elements – such as trees and plants – give off health-boosting phytoncides that heighten the immune system.

A baked potato van from kkcatering

Team this with the fact that your super tasty dishes can reduce a person’s stress levels. You can be confident that your guests arrive and leave in tiptop shape!

What a great idea!

You won’t regret choosing a catering option which ensures your guests can make the most of the great outdoors during your event. For more information on different dishes that you could offer, be sure to check out KK Catering.



Summer is right around the corner – and it’s about to mark the start of wedding season! According to You and Your Wedding, the most popular month to get hitched in is August.

The popularity of the month is closely followed by June and July. What does this prove? Well, that people like to tie the knot when the weather is likely to be nice. The high temperatures, however, don’t mean that you shouldn’t serve warm food at your reception. After all, there are many benefits to choosing a hot catering option. Let’s look at three reasons why your wedding guests deserve warm food… even when it’s summer!


bride kissing groom at fish and chip van

You’ll be able to build excitement for your choice of catering if it’s hot. This is because warmed up foods emanate much more airborne particles than those which are served cold.

This process alerts people to food before they’ve even been served. The anticipation is just an added kick your guests will get from the food before they’ve even had the chance to try it.


The warming effect that’s provided from hot food has been found to increase the level of satisfaction that a person gets when eating.

In a nutshell, the likes of pie and mash van hire increases the temperature of the brain and makes people feel much happier as they chow down on the dish in front of them.


More effort typically goes into making warm food than making cold food. This will make a difference to those who have taken the time and effort to attend your wedding.

Bride and groom with their street food |

The likes of burger van hire (which will feature food made with love) should be evidence that you’ve chosen a catering option intended to put a smile on their face rather than going for a more simplistic option, like a salad.

Explore Your Options!

KK Catering provide a wide range of warm food options that would be perfect to be served at your wedding this summer. As you keep your fingers crossed for glorious weather, be sure to consider all warm food options by getting in touch with us today.

Cookbook author Diane Phillips once said that “the key to a great party is a relaxed host.” This is something to consider if you’re planning to host a large-scale party and don’t want to wear yourself too thin.

After all, having too much on your plate can lead to large amounts of stress. This, in turn could spoil the bash for you and your guests. So what’s your secret weapon? Burger van hire! Here are three ways this catering option can be a host’s best friend.


You will have one less thing to tick off your ‘to do’ list when you’ve got a burger van at the bash. With the catering (both the food prep and the serving) being done by the staff in the van, you can focus on other parts of the party – such as the entertainment or the venue.


Red and black gourmet burger van set up at event

You also won’t need to bother with seating because the dish can be consumed while guests are stood up.


The Food Standards Agency has previously revealed that over one million people suffer from food poisoning each year because of novice or inexperienced chefs.

Rather than risk your guests’ health by tackling the food yourself, you can rest assured knowing that it’s left in the safe hands of the experts if you have a burger van. This should put your mind at rest before, during and after the party.


Who doesn’t love a burger? It’s a classic that’s loved by both men and women of any age. Knowing this fact, it’s safe to assume that you’ll be meeting the needs of your guests.

Bride and groom with their street food |

Burgers are typically adored by both the young and the old. This should mean that all your guests go home feeling happy and satisfied. What more could you want as the host?

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KK Catering is happy to provide a burger van for your upcoming celebration. As well as putting a smile on your guests’ faces at an affordable cost, it should also take some of the heat off your hosting duties and allow you to focus on other aspects of your large-scale party.

It’s now very common for guests to drink beyond their means at a wedding. In fact, Direct Line – when researching why people are pulled up for driving under the influence. Determined that the average guest drinks 14.82 units of alcohol when attending a wedding.

This is well above the two to four units that the NHS recommends men and women limit themselves to on a daily basis. Now rather than ban the booze at your wedding, you can instead limit its effects with the help of the food. Here are three ways the catering can stop brides and grooms from worrying about people drinking heavily at their wedding.


If you’re worried about your guests becoming silly by the end of the night, then a hefty meal will help. Preferably one that’s high in protein, fat or carbohydrates as this can work towards lining the stomach.

This makes it harder for the body to absorb the alcohol. For example, burger van hire should ensure that everyone has fun without going over the top.


Alcohol has been found to lead to an increase in appetite. This can lead to people becoming tired, uncomfortable and irritable if they aren’t fed.

fish and chip van wedding food

Rather than allow your wedding to hit a sour note because people have overindulged, you can be armed with a hearty catering option. Perhaps fish and chip van hire – to ensure their needs are met.


You certainly won’t want people’s lasting memory of your wedding to be the huge hangover it caused them to wake up with. Rather than allow this to be the negative downside to a night of fun.

Wedding & Event Catering |

You can limit the effects of people’s hangovers with the catering. In the same manner to how food stops people getting too drunk, it also works to limit hangovers.

What’s best to do?

The fact that the food can be a godsend to heavy drinkers is just one of the reasons to consider all your catering options ahead of your wedding. If you’re interested in checking out a range of food vans available for your big day, get in touch with KK Catering.