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It’s now very common for guests to drink beyond their means at a wedding. In fact, Direct Line – when researching why people are pulled up for driving under the influence. Determined that the average guest drinks 14.82 units of alcohol when attending a wedding.

This is well above the two to four units that the NHS recommends men and women limit themselves to on a daily basis. Now rather than ban the booze at your wedding, you can instead limit its effects with the help of the food. Here are three ways the catering can stop brides and grooms from worrying about people drinking heavily at their wedding.


If you’re worried about your guests becoming silly by the end of the night, then a hefty meal will help. Preferably one that’s high in protein, fat or carbohydrates as this can work towards lining the stomach.

This makes it harder for the body to absorb the alcohol. For example, burger van hire should ensure that everyone has fun without going over the top.


Alcohol has been found to lead to an increase in appetite. This can lead to people becoming tired, uncomfortable and irritable if they aren’t fed.

fish and chip van wedding food

Rather than allow your wedding to hit a sour note because people have overindulged, you can be armed with a hearty catering option. Perhaps fish and chip van hire – to ensure their needs are met.


You certainly won’t want people’s lasting memory of your wedding to be the huge hangover it caused them to wake up with. Rather than allow this to be the negative downside to a night of fun.

Wedding & Event Catering |

You can limit the effects of people’s hangovers with the catering. In the same manner to how food stops people getting too drunk, it also works to limit hangovers.

What’s best to do?

The fact that the food can be a godsend to heavy drinkers is just one of the reasons to consider all your catering options ahead of your wedding. If you’re interested in checking out a range of food vans available for your big day, get in touch with KK Catering.

Your wedding should be the happiest day of your life. Sadly, all too often brides and grooms find themselves trying to put a smile on other people’s faces when planning their big day. Even if it goes against what they really want.

This isn’t how it’s meant to be. Instead, you shouldn’t be afraid to put your own needs first.  Whether it’s with the venue, the date or, of course, the catering. With this in mind, here are three reasons why you and your betrothed should be at the centre of every decision you make when choosing the food for your wedding.


Never forget that it’s you who foots the bill. In fact, recent surveys have found that brides and grooms are picking up the tab more so than at other time in history.

family budget, finances and people concept - couple with papers and calculator counting money at home

Wedding planning site Hitched have just determined that two out of five couples don’t receive any financial help from family when getting married. Be sure to bear this in mind when you come across affordable options,  such as fish and chip van hire. That would suit you and your betrothed perfectly.


Can you actually please everyone? No, not really. After all, Hitched has found that an average of 106 guests now attend the typical wedding reception. There’s no way that you can put a smile on all these people’s faces.

So why not make sure that you and your better half are sorted instead? The chances are that as long as you’re happy with the likes of burger van hire, then everyone else will be too.


Keep in mind that’s it’s you who will remember your wedding day for the rest of your life. Other people will have their own. So the memories you make when you say ‘I do’ will be cherished mostly by you and your new spouse.

Beautiful young bride and groom on a meadow in the evening, holding sparklers.

With this in mind, feel free to throw caution to the wind and choose a catering option that you won’t regret in years to come.


Happily Ever After…

Now that you know the focus should be on you when deciding upon the food for your wedding. Be sure to check out the wide variety of catering options available at KK Catering.

It’s so important to establish the right atmosphere at your wedding. This is arguably why we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of these type of ceremonies over the past few years. According to Confetti, the most popular theme is ‘rustic/woodland’ with 16% of couples opting to go down this route.

Others chose to do things with a ‘vintage’ or ‘traditional’ twist. Why do brides and grooms make these decisions? Well, it all comes down to the fact that they think a theme will help establish the desired atmosphere on their big day. In reality, couples can achieve this simply by choosing the right catering. With this in mind, here’s how you can let the food dictate the atmosphere at your wedding.


How do you make every guest feel at home at your wedding? With food! A universal favourite like fish and chip van hire should make each and every one of your guests feel welcome on your special day.

bride and groom with fish and chips on wedding day

Don’t forget, recent statistics have found that the average wedding reception now features over 100 friends and family.


The best way to let your true love shine through can be by putting the focus on your relationship. Rather than making your wedding feel too swish, over-the-top or, dare we say, forced, you can keep things real with a simplistic and down to earth catering option like pie and mash van hire.


The right food option can put the brakes on your wedding becoming a stuffy or rigid affair. You’ll find that by serving something that’s more casual.

Bride and groom with their street food |

Perhaps burger van hire – you can avoid the regiment that comes from a traditional sit-down meal. This, in turn, can really help your guests relax and enjoy your special day.

Try it!

Rather than stressing about finding a theme that will establish the right atmosphere at your wedding, you can let the food dictate the mood. If you’re looking to weigh up all the exciting options when it comes to the catering on your big day, be sure to check out the choices available at KK Catering.


We’ve all seen people posting pictures of elegant servings of food when at a fancy restaurant or a glitzy event. This, of course, might be one of the driving forces behind you wrestling with the idea of spending an arm and a leg on the catering at your wedding. However, there’s something you should know – wedding food doesn’t have to be social media-friendly!

Wedding & Event Catering |

BrideBook’s newest survey has found that 30% of brides and grooms now ask guests to refrain from posting photos of their wedding day on social media. In fact, 13% even banned the use of social media altogether! So, with it being acceptable to say ‘no’ to sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on your big day, what catering options can be left on the table? Here are three to think about.


A meal like pie and mash might not be social media-worthy, but it will certainly be appealing to those couples looking to stay within budget. After all, wedding planning site Hitched recently determined that 65% of brides and grooms now go over budget when tying the knot. Why push yourself to the financial limit when you can just go with an affordable, delicious option like pie and mash van hire?


Who cares if a meal looks mind-blowingly attractive as long as it fills you up? In this regard, you can’t beat a burger van hire.

Wedding & Event Catering |

It’s unlikely to have guests reaching for the camera, but you can guarantee it will leave them satisfied and full of energy to enjoy the rest of your big day.


The problem with choosing social media-friendly food is that you actually start catering to please a small group of people. Once you forget about this aim, you can choose a dish that everyone – including young children and the elderly – love, such as fish and chips. It’s a universally-adored catering option that will put a smile on the faces of everyone in attendance.

Good Luck!

Forget about social media on your wedding day! There are more important things to think about, such as arranging for a meal of substance to be served to your guests.

For help with this, be sure to check out KK Catering for a range of amazing options available to you and your betrothed.



A person’s wedding will typically be the most special day of their life. It’s therefore understandable that couples are now interested in extending the festivities in any way that they can.

This is the finding of BrideBook, who through their newest survey have determined that 23% of couples now hold their nuptials over a space of three days. Yes, this means more excitement – but it also means more catering options need to be considered for your big day.

With this in mind, here are three routes you could go down when it comes to your choice of food.


Three Day Wedding – A Break From Tradition

Over a period of 72 hours, you could stick to all the traditional options while still having the opportunity to mix things up a bit. For instance, you could serve up something exotic from afar – such as by having a noodle bar.

Noodle Bar Catering |

The Asian cuisine might not be what’s usually served up at a wedding. Thankfully you’ll have space to diverge from the norm if you’re getting hitched over the course of a three day wedding.


Keep It Cheap

It’s no wonder the average wedding now sets couples back over £30,000. With brides and grooms wanting to prolong the good times for an extra few days, they’re going to need to look for realistic ways to keep within the budget.

Pie & Mash Van Hire |

This can be achieved when it comes to the food. Instead of breaking the bank on forgettable grub, you can rely on an affordable option. Pie and mash van hire is a great way to serve some hearty food on a budget. If anything, the money you save will at least justify you extending your wedding for so long.


Mix Things Up

Over the course of a three day wedding, there will be plenty of opportunities for people to sit down to enjoy a meal. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to think twice about serving food that your guests can eat while standing. Burger van hire is a classic way to keep guests well fed, and who doesn’t love a good burger.

Don’t forget, it’s just one extra day where you don’t have to worry about making another seating chart!


Give It A Go!

Thankfully the food at your three-day wedding will be in safe hands if you rely on the amazing cuisines of KK Catering. Get in touch to check out all the fantastic options that can be served over the course of the festivities.