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Arm yourselves, people. The most important event of the summer is only months away! That’s right, National Fish and Chips day is coming on June 3rd, here is how to celebrate in style with fish and chips this summer!

When you think of deliciously crispy batter and salt and vinegar sprinkled chips, your brain might conjure up images of the Great British seaside, huddled against the cold and rain, praying a seagull doesn’t choose your dinner for his own. But there is a better way.

fish and chip van hire birthday party

You’ll be the hit of any big party if you decide that instead of a stuffy, sit-down dinner, you bring out a fish and chips van, delivering fresh, delicious food all night long. Saying your vows at a wedding? Celebrating a birthday? Fish and chips are a brilliant addition to any event, no matter how formal.

Fish & Chips A British Classic

According to the National Federation of Fish Fryers, fish and chips have been around in the UK since 1860 and spread rapidly through the industrialising cities of Manchester and London as hot, nutritious and easy to get meal for factory workers. Some have even claimed that this Great British dish helped win the First and Second World War- fish and potatoes were not rationed during the wars and so kept the soldiers and those working on the home front and the factories fed and energised. Winston Churchill even called the classic dish a ‘good companion’.

couple holding fish and chips next to catering van

In the 21st century we’re still big fans, with around 10,500 business selling the dish all over the United Kingdom. So it makes sense to include this well-loved favourite in your next big party or event. No more fussy eaters, no more worrying over who will eat which dish and who won’t. Fish and chips have proven, time and time again, to be one of the nation’s favourite meals.

Book Your Fish & Chip Van Now

And besides, nobody wants a party that’s immediately forgotten once you leave, do they? With a fish and chip van serving out delicious portions of this classic meal- for a fraction of a price to other caterers- everyone will be talking about your party for weeks to come. No one forgets something as unique and exciting as fish and chip van hire.

It might seem odd to be talking about Christmas party planning when we haven’t even reached the end of September yet, but you’d be surprised how quickly things get booked up over the Christmas period! If you want to plan the perfect office Christmas party that leaves your team buzzing well into the new year, read on…

Put someone in charge of the party

We all have that one person in the office who LOVES to plan a party. Don’t fight it, and don’t try to make it a committee job, just let them run the show!

Office Christmas Party Planning |

With one person in charge, you can cut down on miscommunications and guarantee that everything will be ready on the night. They can always delegate tasks as needed, but there should always be one point of contact who knows what’s what!

Guesstimate numbers

People might confirm now and then flake at the last minute, or they might say they can’t make it and then show up with all their friends in tow. Trying to get accurate numbers for a Christmas party is impossible, so make a rough estimate that is little higher than conservative.

Be clear in the invites

No one likes showing up at a formal party wearing jeans. It’s almost as mortifying as showing up to a casual party in a ball gown. Make sure you’re clear in the invite what kind of party it is and what your guests can expect.

Office Christmas Party Catering |

Is it just for staff to have a big blow out, or will you be inviting clients and making it a kind of networking event? Don’t leave out any big surprises that could ruin the night for your team.

Structure the night

People want an event, so make sure there is some structure to the evening. You could start with a sit-down meal, clear the tables to make way for the dance-floor and then have some entertainment to spice things up. Keep it varied to make sure there is something for everyone, and don’t centre everything around booze. By all means have a dance floor and DJ, but you could also set up a video games station or giant lawn games to keep those who aren’t fussed about dancing entertained.

Don’t let anyone go hungry

One of the best parts of Christmas is the abundance of food and your office Christmas party should be no different! There should always be food available for those who get peckish throughout the night, even if it’s just a snack table full of nibbles. Your party goers will also appreciate a late night pick-me-up, so why not look for a burger van hire to send everyone home on a cheerful note?

If you’re interested in inviting our street food vans to your next event, whether it’s a pizza van hire or pie and mash van hire, get in touch with our friendly team today!

Cuisine culture can sometimes be just a touch snooty when it comes to street-food. It used to be the consensus that you could only get the absolute best meals if you had booked a table at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Reserved six years in advance having spent a small fortune for minuscule amounts of food. 

But now, times are changing and now you can get a diverse range of sumptuous food from increasingly popular street-food vans. Go to pretty much any city or town, and you’ll be able to follow your nose towards something delicious being prepared in the back of one of these kinetic kitchens.

Food trucks and event catering |

Not only are they great for grabbing a bite to eat when you’re out exploring. But food vans can also be a fantastic way to provide delicious food without the hassle. But why exactly should you choose one? Let’s break it down a little.

Casual Cuisine With Food Vans

For events such as corporate events or weddings, typically you get a traditional sit-down meal with a similar feel to eating out in a restaurant. Whilst this may suit some people, we know that not everyone enjoys this more formal, traditional way of eating. Food vans, on the other hand, let you and your guests relish in the food without the stuffy atmosphere of a normal meal. Guests can enjoy a slice of wood-fired pizza or a venison burger without being tethered to a table!

Stone Fired Pizza Van Hire |

Stress-free Dining

Traditional catering can be difficult to plan when it comes to preparing an event.  Is there a kitchen on site? Where will everyone sit? How will it all be cleared up at the end of the night? If you hire a fish and chip van, a burger van, a burrito van or whichever from our selection takes your fancy, you won’t need to worry about any of this. The beauty of a food van is that everything is neatly contained and can simply drive away once your event is over. So you can focus on enjoying your evening – and the food, of course!

Mouthwatering Meals

When it boils down to it, the food itself is the most important thing. Our range of food vans absolutely deliver when it comes to this. With a wide range of cuisines available from British classics like fish and chips, pie and mash and traditional burgers. To more international delicacies such as the Little India food truck, Burrito Bar and even a Greek Souvlaki Hut. You can be assured that you will be getting a gastronomic experience to rival any restaurant.

Getting sick of barbecues yet? The glorious summer has meant the great British public has rediscovered its love of eating outdoors. It’s one of the reasons that the street food phenomenon has gained massive ground in the UK in 2018.

In fact, street food is now eaten by an eye-popping 2.5 billion people worldwide, every day!


KK Catering Pizza Van

To prove that street food has “come of age”, an overseas mobile food truck recently won a coveted Michelin star!


Good food on the go

Much of the appeal of these “moveable” feasts is that food trucks, vans and stalls create more opportunities for innovation.

Street food vendors have the flexibility to be creative in their menus. This runs alongside their versatility in being able to set up and sell at anytime, anywhere to meet the culinary demands of local punters.

For school and club summer fetes, or even autumn fairs and festivals, it’s now an absolute must to offer event guests food treats to buy.

Which means finding the best street food options to meet local tastes and preferences. For example, your local community event may be the best possible place for pie and mash van hire!


Street food quality and choice

Another big factor in Britain’s growing love affair with street food, is a realisation that eating on the go doesn’t have to mean greasy, second rate staples such as dodgy burgers and dubious hot dogs.

KK Catering, Fresh Ingredients

Now, it’s possible to select from well prepared and delicious food options, that use fresh, local ingredients. There are plenty of vegetarian options too. (All “wrapped up” nicely – for example – in the British street food classic provided by fish and chip van hire)

If you do consider burger van hire for your summer or autumn fundraising event, make sure it’s one that conforms to the highest food hygiene standards. Also, do they also use quality ingredients and offer a good selection of sides and sauces?

Or, book pizza van hire for a “slice” of great meal options for your event guests.


Right up your street

We have various food units that make the ideal choice for your summer fetes, fairs and festivals. Or, book early now to make sure you have a great street food van hire for your autumn events.

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how much does a kebab van cost

How much does a kebab van cost?

Did you know that a whopping 1.3 million kebabs are consumed by Britons every single day of the week? It’s safe to say that this familiar combination of meat, pitta bread and salad is a firm favourite all across the UK – and it doesn’t just have to be post-pub grub after one pint too many, either!

Across the country, there are hundreds of mobile caterers serving up high-quality gourmet kebabs to eager punters at all times of the day, and in all sorts of scenarios. From the busy office worker grabbing some street food on a lunchtime stroll to the hardened festival goer lining their stomach before going hard at it again, kebabs are versatile, affordable, convenient and above all, tasty.

Kebab and burger van hire

While street parties and outdoor music events might seem like the typical places to find a mobile kebab van, many people often overlook the idea for private parties and function, when in fact, a kebab van can make a unique, interesting and affordable catering option for weddings, birthday parties, corporate meetings and much more. The possibilities are endless and it’s certainly something to get your friends, guests, colleagues and employees talking about!

Will a kebab van cost a fortune?

Certainly not! One of the reasons why the UK loves kebabs is because they are so affordable. In comparison to arranging for caterers to provide a sit-down meal, the humble kebab van works out a much more affordable way to feed your guests. If you’ve got a large number of guests, it can work out even cheaper – by any stretch of the imagination, feeding your party for less than £3 a head is a bargain.

kebab van more affordable than a sit down meal

Put simply, you can expect kebab van hire to set you back anywhere between £3.50 and £10.00 per person, depending on how many guests you have. The reason why the price can vary so much is that mobile caterers have initial costs to cover before food preparation is considered – things like staffing, insurance, licensing and so on. The boring stuff.

When it comes to feeding your party though, it’s simple mathematics – more guests equals cheaper food.

How quickly can a kebab van feed my hungry guests?


Picture the scene – it’s a wedding and all the speeches have been made – or a corporate event and the backslapping for the day has finished – and now all everybody wants is some good, wholesome grub. The good news is that a mobile kebab van can cater for over 100 guests in around 60 minutes – without breaking the bank.

Interested? You should be!

If a kebab van for your private event sounds right up your street, KK Catering might just have the deal for you. Why not get a quote now and turn your function into a day to remember? Go on – you know it makes sense!