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How much does a burger van cost?


This is the most popular question we receive into our Customer Services Team here at KK Catering , and although we offer a easy quote form for our customers to complete to receive a quick simple answer to this question, we decided to break down all the options available to you whether you use our company or any other mobile caterer.

The question ‘how much does a burger van cost?’ is a very difficult question to answer. To be openly honest it can vary, however we will try to answer this question with some pricing guidelines as set out below:

Typically a Burger van costs from £2.50 per person to £15.00 per person and here is why the price is so varied:

Number of guests

As with any event planning, the number of guests you have attending is the single most important factor in cost when it comes to hiring a burger van for your event, the larger the number of guests the lower the price per person.

This is because any catering company has initial costs to outlay before the food is even taken into account

Staffing Costs:

Depending on the amount of guests you have planned to attend your event the number of staff required by the catering company to cook and serve your guests will vary, typically if you have less than 100 guests then an experienced cook should be able to serve around all 100 meals in around 60 – 90 minutes.

Here at KK Catering we use the following staffing guide based on a 2 hour service

0-100 guests = 1-2 Staff

100 – 200 Guests 2-3 Staff

200 plus guests = dependent on how quick the menu is needed to be served

Staffing typically is the highest outlay to any catering company

Length of time required

How much a burger van costs for your event will also rely on how long you require the burger van to be open serving food to your guests . Why? Staff are paid hourly so the longer you require the burger van to be open the more wages the catering company needs to pay their staff. 

Here at KK Catering we suggest a 2 hour service window for most private events and parties however for longer events such as company trade days, location catering, promotional events and construction catering then a longer service window is usually required which will increase any prices quoted.

Time of day

Keep in mind the time of day you require a burger van as that will effect the cost.

For example requesting a burger van to open to your guests at 5am in the morning or serving a late night audience will mean that the catering company may have to offer their staff a hotel overnight or pay over time or additional bonuses due to the unsociable hours.

Quality of food

Just like when we eat out at a fast food restaurant or a gourmet burger restaurant the price of a beef burger and fries can range from £3.00 per meal to £25.00 a meal.

So be clear on the quality of the food you wish to provide your guests

Are you looking to provide a quick fast food meal or are you looking to serve your guests fresh organic burgers, the answer to that question will effect the price dramatically.

Here at KK catering we offer choices on our menus to reflect that,  from a tasty Angus quarter pound cheese burger with fries to a Venison or wild boar burger and sweet Potato fries

Day of week

The weekday you choose to host your event will be reflected in the price you are quoted from any caterer, especially if you are looking for a burger van to cater on a Saturdayevening.

Just like the extra costs charged by a venue to host your event, hiring any supplier for events will always cost you a premium on a Saturday evening.

Supply and demand is a huge driver in the cost of hiring a burger van or any caterer so if you can try to plan your event on a weekday or a Sunday for the best prices.

Reliability – size of company

This is an important factor into your decision making when it comes down to costs and something you should take into account when choosing the catering company you wish to hire to provide your burger van.

A one person, sole trader, with a burger van will always be the cheapest price. Why?   

Less over heads –

  • Staffing the burger van themselves
  • The Burger van is probably parked at their house so no additional premises and additional costs involved with running a business premises
  • The burger van company is run as a Sole trader so no additional fees are involved compared to a limited company 

However you have to take into account the risk factors involved in hiring the cheapest burger van option. 

These are the biggest risk factors to your event when hiring any burger van company

  • No backup burger van if any maintenance issues arise
  •  No additional staff within the business to provide cover if the sole trader becomes ill.
  • Family Emergencies 
  • And the biggest risk we see time and time again here with many last minute requests is that the sole trader is open to the highest bidder, i.e if a larger scale event is found they will choose money over loyalty.

So we always recommend asking these questions before choosing your burger van company based on price.

  • How many burger vans do you have?
  • How many employees do you have?
  • How many locations do you have burger vans at?
  • How long have you been established?
  • Do you provide a contract with agreed terms and conditions?

Not taking these factors into account could mean your event is ruined if the burger van company does not turn up in the day and leaves you embarrassed and no food for your guests

Things that should NOT effect price

So I hope that has helped you understand many of the factors involved in answering the question ‘how much does a burger van cost?’

We would also like to point out that the following should not effect the price quoted to you by any caterer however be sure to check as many smaller catering companies may take this into account and charge extra

Type of event

Whether it be a wedding , a birthday party, funeral or a company event, the food you decide upon should never be charged based upon the type of event, the costs involved to cater do not change just because the event is a wedding.

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