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Why Yorkshire fish and chip vans are perfect for your event

why yorkshire fish and chip vans are perfect for your event

Why Yorkshire fish and chip vans are perfect for your event

Yorkshire is known for its food and drink heritage – the first mention of a Yorkshire pudding was in a cookbook of 1747. It’s home to the world’s biggest Indian restaurant (which can feed 750 people at a time), and Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb has been awarded Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status.

In 2017, it was also named the best place in the UK to enjoy traditional fish and chips – where is your favourite place in the county to enjoy this classic dish?

Because of the dish’s popularity, it’s no wonder that Yorkshire fish and chip vans are so popular at events across the region – and here are five reasons why:

1. They evoke nostalgia and tradition

Fish and chips for your office party

The smell of salt and vinegar, the crunch of a perfect batter, the fluffiness of proper chippy-style chips…there’s no denying that fish and chips are part of our heritage and a dish with which almost everyone will associate a specific time or memory. What’s yours?

2. They’re flexible

Whether you’re looking to serve up your fish and chips in a classic cardboard container with a wooden chip fork for an informal eat, or with crockery for a sit-down meal, the choice is yours.

3. They offer plenty of choice

Different types of fish, fish cakes, sausages, burgers… Yorkshire fish and chip vans offer a range of traditional dishes to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. And don’t forget about the sides, buttered bread rolls, mushy peas and curry sauce allow your guests to make their meals their own.

4. They’re affordable

Affordability’s important – both for you, as an event organiser, and for your guests – who’ll want to be able to enjoy a tasty, filling meal without it breaking the bank. We live in times of huge economic uncertainty, so if people can enjoy a great meal at a great price, they’ll jump at the chance.

5. They offer speedy service

At a big event, nobody wants to be waiting around for ages for their food. And that’s why our fish and chip vans are so great. The dishes we offer take only a short amount of time to cook, meaning people won’t be left standing around getting more and more ‘hangry’.

Yorkshire and fish and chips are a perfect pairing – so why not make a fish and chip van the perfect pairing for your Yorkshire event? Contact us to find out how we can help.